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German Prisoners of War use self-propelled cart to help do work faster.

One of the streets in the Mexican worker camp formerly used by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Mrs. Elsie Hill, Route 3, Junction City, Oregon, spent the summer driving a tractor at the Benton County Flax Grower's Cooperative plant near Monroe, Oregon.

A crew of neighborhood women are wigwaming fibre flax at the Benton County flax Growers Cooperative near Monroe, Oregon.

The filbert pickers are coeds from Benton County, Oregon.

Miss Mary Brown, state supervisor for camp work with Home Missions Council of North America, reads to children at migrant camp.

Barracks are from the Japanese Relocation Center and are now furnishing housing for farm labor on Bryant Williams farm in Klamath County, Oregon.

View of the Merrill Mexican work camp looking south.

A line of Braceros workers waiting outside the dining tents for supper. Service is quick enough to prevent long waiting in line.