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Emi Sumida-Brown Oral History Interview, February 21, 2018

Oregon State University
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00:00:26 - Early Life

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Partial Transcript: Where were you born?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses hometown of Hiroshima, Japan, the atomic bomb that struck Hiroshima, the aftermath of the bombing and the rebuilding of the town’s infrastructure, what it was like growing up in Japan, memories of downtown Japan and schooling

Keywords: Amputations; Atomic Bomb; Bodily Harm; Downtown Japan; Grieving and Trauma, World Peace, Activists; Hiroshima, Japan; Infrastructure; Peace Park

00:02:14 - Relationship With Parents

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Partial Transcript: How has the bombing affected your parents’ experiences and attitudes towards their hometown?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses the emotional side of her parents, her parents did not share their stories out of fear, continually thought about world peace, discusses relationship with parents, experiences of parents following the bombing of Hiroshima, reflects on happiness she felt growing up, city was still going through reconstruction; parents were poor and worked hard, spent a lot of time with cousins and grandmother while young

Keywords: Day to Day Life; Did Not Talk out of Fear; Find Their Normal; Grandmother; Mother; Rebuild Life; Reconstruction; Survived; Symptoms of Trauma; World Peace

00:04:32 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: What was your schooling and social life like during your childhood?

Segment Synopsis: Recounts an exciting and fun childhood, family really valued education and wanted the younger generation to attend school, community valued traditions and festivities, grandmother always made grand, delicious meals for each occasion

Keywords: Bon Dance; Cousins; Education; Fall Festival; Grandmother; Grandmother’s Meals; Traditions

00:05:32 - Post High School Graduation

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Partial Transcript: What were your aspirations following your graduation from high school?

Segment Synopsis: Saw the work of many activists during her childhood, explores her passion for addressing violence and wanted to become a part of the leadership team that address policies, wanted to address violence within countries, especially nuclear weapon use, realized she didn’t have much direction on how to become a Japanese diplomat, had the idea of going to the United States to learn English and receive an education Parents gave no direction on how to be a diplomat

Keywords: Diplomat; Japanese Government; Nuclear Weapon Use; Public High School; United States education

00:07:12 - Transition to the United States

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Partial Transcript: How was life in the United States different than in Japan?

Segment Synopsis: Recounts the change in culture that she experienced and the difficulties she found in trying to find a social circle, became friends with other students in the English as a second language program, she worked to integrate both the American culture and the Japanese culture

Keywords: Collectivist vs Individualistic; Culture Shock; English as a Second Language Program; Fusion of Cultures; Hard to Make Friends; Worked to Save Money

00:08:41 - Life in the United States

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Partial Transcript: When you first came to the United States did you take time to get adjusted or did you start school right away?

Segment Synopsis: Worked in Japan for several years to save money, moved to American and started at Western Illinois University (ESL Program), majored in international relations to work as a diplomat, left Brigham Young University to move back to Japan, worked in the business field, moved back to the United States to get a second bachelors in Psychology

Keywords: Analyze Statistics; BYU Counselor; Bachelor; Brigham Young University; Dr. Stein; English as a Second Language; International Relations; Japanese Business; Psychology; Research Lab; University of California San Diego; University of San Diego; Western Illinois University

00:11:18 - Field of Psychology

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Partial Transcript: Was there a reason why you chose the psychology field after having worked in the business field for a little bit?

Segment Synopsis: Came back to America because she missed it, at BYU she met a counselor who helped her adjust to the United States, had two significant mentors; 1. Psychology professor who hired her in his lab and an advisor from the Ph. D program at the University of Utah, completed her graduate internship at the University of San Diego at the counseling center

Keywords: Brigham Young University; Counseling Center; Mentors; Ph. D Advisor; Psychology Professor; University of San Diego; University of Utah Ph. D Program

00:15:00 - Oregon State University

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Partial Transcript: What steps did you take to come to Oregon State?

Segment Synopsis: The University of San Diego counselor she worked with is an alumnus of Oregon State University, she applied for a position at CAPS and was accepted; explores how difficult the transition from California to Corvallis was, enjoys the welcoming culture of Corvallis and the scenic change it offers

Keywords: Accepting; CAPS Opening; California to Corvallis, Rainy Weather; Different Cultures; Nature; Oregon State Alumnus; Proud; University of San Diego Counselor

00:17:28 - Counseling and Psychological Services

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Partial Transcript: What were you most excited for about CAPS?

Segment Synopsis: Explains excitement over providing individual and group counseling or university students, enjoyed the fact that Corvallis was very accepting to people of different cultures and backgrounds, excited to work with the Oregon State staff

Keywords: Accepting Environment; Coworkers; Individual and Group Counseling; University Students

00:19:25 - Group Coordinator

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Partial Transcript: Can you elaborate a little bit more on the work that you do, before as an individual psychologist, but now as a group coordinator?

Segment Synopsis: Worked on outreach projects such as World Mental Health Day, works as the group coordinator in planning and advertising new groups, attends the AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association) conference every year to learn and collaborate with other counseling staff, provides workshops that target specific populations (stress management, international students)

Keywords: American Group Psychotherapy Association; Cultural Shock; Dixon Recreation Center, Student Health Services; Group Coordinator; Houston, Texas; Individual and group Counseling; Mental Health Stigma, Psychotherapy Education; Ph. D Candidates; Pre-Doctoral Interns; Stress Management; Training for Staff; University Counseling Centers Staff; West Coat; World Mental Health Day

00:25:26 - Research Interests

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any research interests or things you would like to explore further in you field?

Segment Synopsis: The CAPS team would like to publish program feedback from students, interested in working with certain target organizations (Greek life, international and transfer students), currently working on planning a new group program for the next term, feels very honored to be working with the OSU student body

Keywords: : Satisfaction Feedback; Field of Psychology; Greek Life; International Students; Mental Health Counselors; Mindfulness; New Group Program Brochure; Promotional Events and Outreach; Suicide Prevention; Transfer Students

00:31:06 - Work In Japan

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Partial Transcript: Is there any work you do off campus as well as on campus?

Segment Synopsis: Hopes to expand her knowledge to a potential counseling center at a university in Japan, explores the idea of sharing experiences with Japan as there are few counselors in Japan, wants to share her story with the OSU community as well as Japanese community

Keywords: Counseling Opportunities; Japanese Counselors; Japanese University; Medication for Mental Health; Potential Counseling Center; Presentations and Workshops Abroad