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Quotes by or related to Karl Landsteiner

"In the 1930s already, I began work on the question of the nature of antibodies, antitoxins, how the human body protects itself against invasion by infection. There is a very interesting natural mechanism that is involved here. Doctor Karl Landsteiner of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, who is the man who discovered the blood groups and made it possible to give transfusions of blood from one human being to another, is the man who got me interested in this field of immunology."
Linus Pauling. National Film Board of Canada interview. 1960.

"I found that Landsteiner and I had a much different approach to science: Landsteiner would ask, 'What do these experimental observations force us to believe about the nature of the world?' and I would ask, 'What is the most simple, general and intellectually satisfying picture of the world that encompasses these observations and is not incompatible with them?'"
Linus Pauling. "Fifty Years of Progress in Structural Chemistry and Molecular Biology." Daedalus, 99, 1005. 1970.

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