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Quotes by or related to Horace Freeland Judson

"What I'm telling you now is that I was thinking of the alpha helix in hemoglobin, and I refrained from saying anything to Max, not because I wanted to keep him from having significant information, but because there's no use disturbing people about something unless you feel happy with it yourself."
Linus Pauling. Interview with Horace Freeland Judson. December 23, 1975.

"It was one of those papers you publish mainly because you've done all that work."
Max Perutz. Interview with Horace Freeland Judson. January 31, 1976.

"The machine was a simple idea that required superb engineering. Rotor and bearings allowed great rotational speeds to be built up, monitored, and maintained for hours and days. Cooling systems kept the experiment at constant low temperature. The individual cells for solutions were made of glass or quartz, and a high-speed camera was set up so that one cell was photographed repeatedly as it passed by."
Horace Freeland Judson. The Eighth Day of Creation (New York: Simon and Schuster). 1979.

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