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The three sections of Linus Pauling and the Structure of Proteins combine to provide an unusually rich source of information on Linus Pauling's remarkable achievements in protein research. Navigate between the sections by using the links on the site's home page or by using the links at the top of any page within the site.

Narrative - The first section tells the story of Linus Pauling's multi-decade interest in the structure of proteins, blood, antibodies and antigens. On the left of each page is a Table of Contents, providing easy navigation from chapter to chapter within the Narrative; in the center is a section of text including links to an array of audio-visual materials and biographical information; and on the right are illustrations and quotations that amplify the narrative text. Clicking on the thumbnail opens larger versions of all illustrations.

All Documents and Media - The second section provides access to more than four hundred primary source documents and images, including letters, manuscripts, diary entries, photographs, audio-visual materials, and published papers.

Linus Pauling Day-by-Day - The third section consists of a comprehensive account of all of Pauling's personal and professional endeavors over nearly four decades of his life. The information on Linus Pauling Day-by-Day is presented in calendar form, with scanned images of documents accompanying the text. The text and images are posted for each day of Pauling's activities during this period.

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