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Letter from Linus Pauling to R. Kuhn. July 31, 1942.
Pauling describes the ongoing immunochemistry work at Caltech and offers Kuhn a position as Senior Fellow in Immunochemical Research in Pasadena. He provides specific details regarding responsibilities and compensation for the position and requests that Kuhn notify him of his decision in the near future.


July 31. 1942

Air Mail

Professor R. Kuhn

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Dear Dr. Kuhn:

During recent years we have been carrying on a program in the field of immunochemistry. I became interested in immunology a number of years ago, and when Dr. Dan H. Campbell was here two years ago we began active work in this field. He has now resigned his post at the University of Chicago and accepted appointment here. We have a rather large program in immunochemistry in general under way, especially involving the use of simple substances as antigens. Also the preliminary work which has been done on the artificial manufacture of antibodies has given very promising- results, and The Rockefeller Foundation has increased their support of this phase of the work. We have altogether at present a research group of about ten people in the field of immunochemistry and the artificial production of antibodies.

Dr. Campbell is continuing with the production of antibodies to pneumococcus polysaccharides, and has found that the artificial antisera are effective in protecting mice. I should like to see further work done along this line, such as the attempt to prepare in vitro diphtheria antitoxin and tetanus antitoxin. Perhaps other artificial antisera should be prepared. In connection with this work we have need for a good immuno-biologist, who would work in collaboration with Dr. Campbell. Dr. Campbell has recommended you, and I take pleasure in offering you appointment for one year here, as Senior Fellow in Immunochemical Research. The salary would be $3,000 per year, with an additional payment of $250 for traveling expenses, to be made on your arrival in Pasadena. The appointment would be for one year, effective from the time of your arrival. I should like you to begin work as soon as possible.

The duties of the position would be to carry on research in collaboration with Dr. Campbell along the lines of our research program on the manufacture of antibodies in vitro and their biological testing. I think that you would find the work very interesting, and that you would enjoy the experience of being at the Institute for a year. Because of the nature of the funds available, appointment can be offered you for one year only.

With the hope that you will find it possible to accept this appointment, I am

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling


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