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Letter from Max Delbrück to Linus Pauling. January 7, 1941.
Delbrück writes to update Pauling on Pascual Jordan's circumstances. Delbrück also inquires into Pauling's perspective on the Frank-Kammetzky proposal of synthesis by resonance and to invite Pauling to a forthcoming conference of physicists.


Jan 7, 1941

Dear Pauling,

I had a letter from Jordan, from Nov. 13. He is in the army since the beginning of the war, and his forwarding address is: c/o Pastor Finke, Rolandstrasse 9, Bremen. Probably he is now busy quenching? the fires. He would like to have a reprint of your antibody paper. Apparently he cannot send any of his papers, because there seems to be a prohibition on sending printed matter out of Germany. Apparently he does not feel very much [?] by our note in Science, because he says he does not believe in the resonance idea very much any how

You showed no reaction to the Frank-Kamenetzky proposal of synthesis by resonance between the reaction product and an intermediate activated state. I was X-mas in Princeton and talked it over with Wigner who saw no serious objection to it. One could probably test it by experiment without to much difficulty.

April 4 and 5 we are going to have a meeting here of the Southeastern Phycists, nothing to brag about. But we are trying to pep it up by a symposium on molecular structure, with Miss Sponer, Teller, H. H. Nieben, Brockway And Placzek. If an Eastern trip of yours would coincide with this date you would be most enthusiastically welcome to participate.

With best regards,


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