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Letter from Dorothy Wrinch to Linus Pauling. August 29, 1936.
Wrinch writes to request a copy of Paulings recent paper on the denaturation of proteins and to express her interest in meeting with Pauling to discuss proteins.


29th August, 1936

From Dr. D. M. Wrinch

Dear Professor Pauling,

I am very much interested in your new paper on the denaturation of proteins. May I ask you for a copy of it.

As it happens I am coming to the States next month. I do not think I shall get over to the West, but I would awfully like the chance of a conversation with you about proteins if it were possible. Will you by any happy chance be in New York during the autumn. My address will be

c/o The Rockefeller Foundation,

49 West 49th Street,

New York.

I enclose copies of my protein stuff in case they may interest you.

Sincerely yours,

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