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"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist."

"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist." 1977.
Produced for NOVA by Robert Richter/WGBH-Boston.

Hydrogen Bomb Tests. (0:52)


Newsreel Voice-Over: Nineteen-fifty-four, and the U.S. prepared to set off a nuclear explosion that would dwarf the atomic blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the category of small firecrackers. Zero seconds, and the unbelievable explosion detonated. The shock wave roared across the ocean and hit the camera ship miles away from ground point zero.

Narrator: The hydrogen bomb explosion inflamed Pauling's concern about testing nuclear weapons. Medical research had already found that high-level radiation from the smaller Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs caused a higher than average rate of leukemia among the survivors. Fallout particles from the more powerful H-bomb, created larger-scale problems.


Creator: Robert Vaughn
Associated: Linus Pauling
Clip ID: 1977v.1-htests

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Creator: Robert Richter, WGBH-Boston
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling, Robert Vaughn, Frank Catchpool

Date: 1977
Genre: video
ID: 1977v.1
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