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"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist."

"Linus Pauling, Crusading Scientist." 1977.
Produced for NOVA by Robert Richter/WGBH-Boston.

McCarthyism. (0:40)


Linus Pauling: The Nobel Committee, finally, in 1954, decided that this whole body of knowledge that I had contributed quite a lot to, had changed the nature of chemistry so much that it was justified to give me the Nobel Prize. Well I was pretty pleased.

Joseph McCarthy: Who was responsible...

Narrator: But Senator Joseph McCarthy was not pleased. He viewed Pauling as a scientist who allowed his growing influence to be exploited by communist-front organizations. Pauling flatly denied being a communist.

Joseph McCarthy: ...tied up, while the world is going up in flames...


Creator: Linus Pauling, Robert Vaughn
Associated: Joseph McCarthy
Clip ID: 1977v.1-mccarthyism

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Creator: Robert Richter, WGBH-Boston
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling, Robert Vaughn, Frank Catchpool

Date: 1977
Genre: video
ID: 1977v.1
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