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Stöld. 1954. (Large Version)


English translation: (Caption) "Prof. Linus Pauling stole the show at the Nobel banquet with his cheerful laugh." (Poem) "Theft / Dignified we sit / at the festive tables. / Glumly we half listen / to the words- / the words of boring speeches. / Suddenly we become alert: / somebody is laughing, / laughing in this formal hall. / Long we hesitate / long we question: / shall we refuse / shall we dare / to open our tightly closed shell? / At first we felt / he had done wrong to laugh. / Then slowly we realize / that gladly we would have shared / his crime, he who stole the show / at the banquet."

Creator: MT söndag
Associated: Linus Pauling

Date: 1954
Genre: clippings
ID: 1954i.40
Copyright: More Information

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