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Letter from Linus Pauling to G.N. Lewis. May 18, 1929.
Pauling writes to inform Lewis that he has decided to stay at Caltech, but has received permission to conduct an annual residency at Berkeley.


May 18, 1919

Dear Professor Lewis:

In deciding to stay at the Institute the prospect of coming occasionally to Berkeley probably had some effect, as had perhaps also your own opinion regarding the matter. At any rate, I have regained my peace of mind.

I have permission from the Executive Council to come to Berkeley for a month (or longer on alternate years) every year. I should imagine that April might be a good month, what would you say to that? At any rote for next year? But I am willing to come at almost any other time. Still, the spring would suit me best.

If you are in Berkeley for the AAAS meeting next month I would like to see you then.


Linus Pauling

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