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Letter from Linus Pauling to W.S. Schaefer. June 13, 1939.
Pauling provides Cornell University Press with a list of professors, researchers, and scientists who should receive copies of The Nature of the Chemical Bond. He requests that a select group receive complimentary copies at Pauling's own expense.


June 13, 1939

Mr. W. S. Schaefer

Cornell University Press

124 Roberts Place

Ithaca, New York

Dear Mr. Schaefer:

In preparing a list of men to receive presentation copies of my book on "The Nature of the Chemical Bond," I was following the practice of the McGraw-Hill publishing Company, who have published my two earlier books. This Company requested that I prepare a list of names of men to whom I was indebted for aid in preparation of the book or who might well use the book as a text in courses, and I sent to the Company a list of about as many names of people as on the list sent to you, to whom the Company sent presentation copies. I also requested that copies be sent at my discount to certain other individuals. On looking over the list which I sent to you on May 31, I see that there are a few names included of people or organizations to whom copies should be sent at my expense. These are:

Deep Springs Ranch, Deep Springs, California

Telluride Association, Ithaca, New York

Mr. E. W. Crellin, 1550 San Pasqual Street, Pasadena, California

Professor Dr. A. Sommerfeld, Institut f. theor. Physik d. Universitat, Munich, Germany

Will you please send these copies, and bill me for them.

I suggest that the names of

Dr. H. Eyring

Sir William Bragg

Professor R. A. Millikan

Professor W. H. Rodebush

Professor P. S. Epstein

Professor R. J. Williams

Dr. H. Brasseur

Professor S. C. Lind

Dr. Paul Emmett

Professor N. Bohr

Dr. W. Heisenberg

Professor P. Debye

Dr. L. Michaelis

Prof. Dr. O. Hassel

Prof. C. K. Ingold

Mr. W. S. Schaefer June 13, 1939

be deleted from the list.

The other names on the list are of people who either helped in the preparation of the work in one way or another or who might well use the book as a text in course work. I recommend that the Press send copies to these individuals.

In preparing this list I have not included all of the people who are, in my opinion, likely to use the book as a text. If you would be interested in having a list of names of further men who might use the book as a text, to whom presentation copies or copies for examination could be sent, Dr. Hughes and I could prepare this list.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling

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