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Wrightson, Wilbor T., January 19, 1947.

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19 January 1947

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street Princeton, N. J.


  Thank you for writing me to make a contribution to your Committee.   I have felt for a long time that the only solution to this problem lay in the hearts of men.   We, in the United States of America, can see and feel what destruction the bomb can bring about and we know of it's perils.   One reason is,  I believe,  that we have the true facts given us freely by such great men as the Scientists on your Committee whereas in other Nations,  some of them,  under totalitarian rule,  access to the true facts is not readily accessible as they are suppressed.   Therefore, somehow,  we must find ways so that the people of these other Nations can see what terrific destruction can be brought about by the use of the bomb and that if one uses it against the other,  that retaliation will be used.   They must see that the teachings of Christ which will control their hearts and not their ambitions and desires,  is the true defense against the atomic bomb,  not some scientific and military defense that at it's best could only result in terrible death to all.   It is for this reason that I so wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Baruch. 
  It is probably true that the teachings of a violent Americanism do cause us to think that we can isolate ourselves but it is equally true that in this same Americanism,  we see and understand the problem of morals than do those who have their thinking directed for them thru the suppression of facts.   Perhaps the insistence on the right of veto has caused the American,  with his freedom of thought,  to become wary of those who rule by might as in the total state of people for the Government,  not Government for the people. 
  But it is only in the hearts of the people that destruction and War can be prevented and reciprocity must work two ways.  I take pleasure in sending my small contribution so that all in the World can be educated,  not just the American people who,  I feel,  can see the moral and great peril of this issue. 
                                         Very truly yours, 
                                            Wilbur T. Wrightson

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