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Stone, Candace, December 19, 1946

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Anderson College and Theological Seminary Anderson, Indiana

505 Central Ave Anderson, Ind. Dec. 19, 1946

Albert Einstein, Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Sir;

  My contribution to your fund is so small I enclose it with reluctance, but salaries in most colleges are proportionately small.  I shall try, however, to help the work of your committee in other ways.  As a teacher of social science I shall do my best ot help create "a new type of thinking."  
  Would it be possible for your Committee to send me 100 copies of the pamphlet, Only Then Shall We Find Courage, containing Michael Amrine's interview with you and the article by Christian Gauss?  I shall, of course, expect to pay for them.  My idea is to enclose a copy with my Christmas cards to students and friends.  
           Sincerely yours
             Candace Stone

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