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Stekert, Martin M., June 19, 1946

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Martin M. Stekert Metal and Plastic Specialities 45 West 34th Street Wisconsin 7-8982-3-4

June 19, 1946

Albert Einstein 90 Nassau Street Princeton, N. J.

Dear Mr. Einstein: 
  In the light of the test you have undertaken the contribution enclosed is indeed humble. 
  The 200,000 you ask is inadequate to combat the cartels.  They will block proper access to newspapers,  radios,  and movies to tell your story.   Every political trick in the cards will be employed to keep control. 
  When you undertook to champion human rights as against greed and financial gain -- gentlemen,  you have a real -- and dirty -- fight on hand. 
  With scientists taking the lead,  we hope a new Magna Charta of economic freedom may be born. 
  A prayer for your success rises from the heart of humanity. 
                  Very truly yours,
                  Martin M. Stekert


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