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Schoolman, Dr. N., March 4, 1947.

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                                                       MAR 6   RECD


Emergency Committee Of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J.


  I am transmitting four small contributions to your fund and would ask you to send me 10 sets of the impressive literature you sent me.  I am interesting a small group of friends to aid me in this work.  Professor Einstein may recall my meeting him in Chicago and later in Berlin in 1923  as a representative of the Medical Staff of the Mnt. Sinai Hospitai of Chicago.  I have been in retirement for a number of years and would gladly devote the rest of my life and what energies are left me to the great cause. 
   Some time ago, in writing to Professor Carlson of the University of Chicago, I expressed the opinion that the best thing the scientists of this country can do is acquire a powerful Radio and Television station whereby they can make the world their platform and their class room.  I still think so, and hope that that is what you have in mind. 
      With best wishes, 
          Sincerely Yours, 
           Noah Schoolman, M.D. 

P.S. Please send personal acknowledgement to contributors, if possible, bearing Professor Einstein's signature. People would keep that as a prescious keep-sake, and and give me a boost in what I plan to do.

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