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Morrell, P.C., May 1, 1948

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P.C. Morrell Citrus Grower Phone 173 Avon Park, Florida


My Dear Dr. Einstein:

  There are tens of thousands - I hope millions - who admire you as a Man as well as a Scientist who is devoted to the welfare of mankind in a big way.  Encl. is once more a contribution.  I wrote to my sister, Mrs. Ruth M. Bornstein Box 36, Clermont, Fla.  If you can send her ten or twelve circulars of "A Policy for Survival" with other material, she will pitch in in her small way.  Perhaps such a chain could start the ball rolling if each one would set out to mail this circular to another friend out of town with the request to send in a contribution and to remail that circular to another.  The idea is the 1-2-4-8-16 etc.  It isn't easy.  But a careful and well sesigned plan on the above basis may bring even phenominal results.  Suppose it's naive to mention it.  Of course if only the sin of exploitation, the crime of profiteering could be stopped, then war could hardly happen.  If only the principle could be brought home to every human beings' brain that every one should give the equal of what he receives or like the good farmer of yesterday even heap the basket oer the top, and the converse that taking more than his cast or his livelihood is a sin against his fellow man and in the cycle against himself, the there could be no big strife. 
   Best wishes, Dr. Einstein and associates, 
        P.C. Morrell
P.S. Please send material to my other Sister: Mrs. Anna J. Echelman 
815 Delaney Port Drive Orlando - FLA.

#20950  $10 (W) 
sent 5/13/48

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