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Markert, George W., October 14, 1947.

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Civilized people will not drop bombs on innocent children, women and men of all ages. It is the most brutal and cowardly way of killing ever devised by savage military minds. We can, we must stop it. Join the "WORLD PEACE AGENCY" 4502 DREXEL BLVD. CHICAGO 15, ILL.

GEORGE W. MARKERT 7416 Harrison Ave., Mount Healthy, Apt. 4 Cincinnati 31, Ohio.

Oct. 14, 47.

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey.

Albert Einstein Chairman for Peace & Righteousness

My dear brother

In your printed envelope I enclosed my contribution to your noble efforts.

Where I was a child attending the Public Schools here in Mount Healthy we were told by our teacher that this is a country in which the people rules. "The land of free and home of the brave".

I do not believe it is either now. They are not free or even brave. If so they would rise up in

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