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Lyman, William W. Jr., January 18, 1947.

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18 January 1947 Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J. Gentlemen: Enclosed is a small contribution toward your Fund. Both my wife and I would like to help you reach your goal of $1,000,000. We have conservatively figured that together, with the help of friends throughout the country and of organizations in which we are locally active, we can easily distribute one hundred copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage." Practically all this number would go to persons who have little or no knowledge of your organization, but who are not lacking in interest and enthusiasm for the cause you represent. Half the above number of copies of Dr. Einstein's letter would be sufficient for our purposes, and the same holds true for return envelopes and name and address slips. You may be interested in knowing that I have been working on the plans for Cornell University's proposed Laboratory of Nuclear Studies. As a designer for a New York architectural office, I have made several trips to Ithaca and there had the pleasure of meeting both Dr. Bethe and Dr. Bacher, whom as I recall, was a member of your original committee. Sincerely, William W, Lyman, Jr. 662 Clove Road Staten Island 10, N.Y.

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