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Katz, Amrom H., June 2, 1948.

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June 2, 1948


Prof. Albert Einstein, Chairman Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 118 Nassau Street

Dear Prof. Einstein:

I am greatly honored and thankful for your kind and generous letter of April 19 concerning my all too slight attempts to further the aims of the Committee.

I know full-well that all of you on the Committee must have long ago hoped and felt that by now the first word in the committee name could have been eliminated; that the irrationality of the mind would be conquered by the logic of the heart. We all know that the emergency is still with us, that we must work harder than ever.

One further note: I hope that the recent interchange of open letters between you and the four Soviet scientists gets extremely wide circulation. It illuminates, as no other discussion could or has, both the fact of and the nature of the deep cleavage in thinking between the East and the West. The recent statement of the Committee, listing and evaluating the three alternatives now confronting us is clearcut and powerful. In a recent letter to Mr. Spanel, President of International Latex, I enclosed the latter statement, and recommended it for his consideration as a full page national advertisement. I am sure you have seen some of the newspaper advertisements sponsored as a public service by this corporation. One of the latest was on world federation; I feel this medium would be excellent for dissemination of the ECAS statement. With continued good wishes and sincere admiration, I remain Sincerely yours Amrom H. Katz 30 E. Wren Circle Dayton 10, Ohio

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