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Bingham, Mrs. M.B., September 26, 1947

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is long & its motions cause extreme torment if too empty. This causes the lion to roar & jump on his prey, which is the giraffe. But nature made herds of giraffes before the lion appeared, to get ready for him. The giraffe utters no cry & lives on leaves of trees. Sentrimentalists say, "O how terrible! Nature,- red in tooth & claw!" Not at all! But beasts cannot live forever. All things have to change, & if beasts did not get killed they would over produce (like deer) & die of starvation. Man over produce themselves, in China & India especially, & die of famine. But in India the average age is 27 yrs, & here it is 67. Man are learning & ap-proaching the 150 yrs they are destined for. So I say if men cannot learn let the bomb come. It is a death so quick there can be no pain, & there are no dead bodies & orgies. of grief. This is a conclusion I have recently come to. Men cannot escape

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