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Bingham, Mrs. M.B., September 26, 1947

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me. I must have written 8 or 10 of these scientists, but no doubt they disagreed with my views and were too much occupied to answer. Now I am far from being either a wealthy or prominent woman, but I have done what little I could to repair the mischief we have done both to Japan and Germany, operating chiefly [thro?] the friends' Service Committee. As to this country I think with the man whose leaflet I enclose, & who like myself, is of stock long settled in this land and couse [illegible] has the feeling of it in his bones, so to say. This same business-for-profit system drove me away from this land, many years ago, as it draws others to it in sheer fascination from all over the globe. I ought to know this land very well, as I have lived for years in both New York & Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles & here. The extrem south I do not personally know, but I hear and read about it. I was from in the capitol of Michigan of stock coming from Vermont. Binghams & Deweys (father's side) & of the Dexter descendants of Samuel Dexter ([illegible] [illegible] 1801) mother's side. In that town

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