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Berkowitz, Jacob M., March 14, 1947

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South Phila Boys High School Broad & Jackson Sts Phila - 48

March 14, 1947 Miss Eileen G. Fry Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, Princeton, NJ

Dear Miss Fry, On Feb 4 you sent me a letter in which you said that, according to Professor Einstein's suggestion, you thanked me for the donation of my students, and said you were sending me under separate cover 25 copies of Hersey's article on "Hiroshima." My student wish again to make a further donation to your fund. Also many of them have read the article on Hiroshima and feel even more conscious of the awful destructive force of the unbridled atom bomb. Can you send me a few more copies of this article. Again we all wish you success in your appeal and may we all soon see the day when the world will no longer be in fear of any force but that for good.

Sincerely yours Jacob M. Berkowitz

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