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Anthony, Julian C., June 26, 1947

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American Broadcasting Company, Inc. 30 Rockefeller Plaza Circle 7 5700 New York 20, N. Y.

26 June, 1947

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists Room 28, 90 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey


No doubt related to the fact that my handwriting has been persistent despair of Parker Penmanship Instructors, your mailing list carries a duplication that you may want to avoid.

I refer to the fact that a Julian C. Outmony, with a home address at 722 - 29th Street, Union City, New Jersey, is none other than I, who also receives your interesting material here at my office, under a much less vivid name.

The mutation can be traced, I believe to the signature on a check I made out to you recently.

My double life has been fascinating, but may eventually prove to be an unnecessary drain on your postage budget. For this reason alone, I feel you ought to be advised.

Respectfully Julian C. Anthony Staff Correspondent (New York)

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