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Abbott, Cyril E., October 7, 1947.

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Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 90 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J.

October 7, 1947.

Dear Dr. Einstein: It is with pleasure that I find myself able to be of slight value to your Committee. The truth is that I have more money than needs, and can think of no better use for some of it than the efforts you are making.

Personally, I am not very much afraid of atomic bombs, and admit to the feeling that many persons are more hysterical about them than need be. Hysteria never helps any situation. But I am very much out of sympathy with those who believe that they can apply to such instruments of destruction as we now possess the same methods one might apply with effect to a frontier flourish with blunderbusses.

Besides, as a Christion and a scientist, I am opposed to war. There may have been a time when it had incidental effects which were socially beneficial, but even that doubtful virtue is no longer in effect. How can people talk of war, as they are now doing, in the face of the destruction and misery which were engendered by the last conflict, and which, even now, are still in force? War should certainly be considered an anachronism to be classed with such unenlightened and now generally abandoned practices as cannibalism and slavery.

But there is no need to tell you and your Committee all this. Let this small contribution speak to others through you.

Most sincerely yours,

Cyril E. Abbott (signature) Westminster College, Salt Lake City 5, Utah.

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