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Fry, C.M. Jane, September 21, 1947.

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814 Corinthian Ave. Philadelphia 30 Pa. September 21, 1947 Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, 90 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J. Dear Sirs, I am enclosing a check for $5.00 to be used toward the Fund in your campaign of education to ensure that atomic energy will be used for the benefit of mankind. I am entirely in sympathy with your campaign and believe that you have stated the case plainly and truthfully but I can't help but feel that you have not gone far enough. You have omitted the most important fact of this whole issue. Your "educational campaign" will accomplish exactly nothing if it does not have as its foundation a spiritual understanding. The world does not need more education but "love" - love for God and for His son, our Saviour, and love for one another. It seems to me that you fine gentlemen are examples of just what I'm talking about. Your intellect has in many cases been such that the average man stands in awe. May I be so bold as to say that your intellectual development has outstripped your spiritual development. That is true the world over, so far as science is concerned. May I suggest that your committee of outstanding scientists become themselves a committee of outstanding Christians. It that is done, your success in this campaign will be assured. My prayers are with you, Sincerely yours, C.M. Jane Fry

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