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Booraem, Alfred W., May 31, 1946.

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A century ago, Calhoun's policy of Nullification, resulted from tariff legislation imposed by the North. Secession and civil war followed, but did not resolve the underlying problem of the exploitation involved violating the reciprocal nature of law of community. We have an echo of this today in the Georgia case against discriminating freight rates, when The Supreme Court entertained an original action by sovereign State to prevent exploitation, when relief through the Interstate Commerce Commission had bogged down. In the international field we have presented the urge to world community either by force or by federation. The Nazi-Facist reaction was frankly predicated on exploitation with the objective of world community by force. The Russian reaction was to cancel all property rights and to unify by championing the rights of the exploited abroad. The Democracies have the tradition of both human rights and property rights and federation, but are dilatory in the relief of exploitation where property rights are involved. The solution lies inx securing the unalienable rights of all by instituting the appropriate community, or if the community exists, by protecting such rights against exploitation.

The Moral Law gives us the Golden Rule as one of the earliest ethics common to all the great religions, and the Brotherhood of Man was the vision of the ultimate community. The Golden Rule defines the relationship between members of a community as one of reciprocity and defines the point at which exploitation enters. Spencer's formular of justice as follows "every man is free " to do that which he wills provided he infringes not on the equal" freedom of any other man". John Stewart kills in his essay on liberty; "that the only "purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any "member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent" harm to others"

We secur our unalienable rights, and we secure our Sovereignty by recognizing the principle of community. They are limited or denied only when we fail to apply it and exploitation becomes an accepted method of survival .