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Bingham, Mrs. M.B., September 26, 1947

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as shown in animal life. The higher types carry the head more aloft up to man, whose head rests completely mobile on top of his spine .What for? To give his brain room to develope. This ethereal substance is thought producing and belongs to the animal capable of reason, the pur-pose nature intended him for. Some animals seem almost to have ideas, but never quite complete, and man developed the idea of God. [illegible] says Herder, & Rant says, all men have had some idea of God & [illegible] must exist. But the ideas are very different. The earlier ideas made God a very stern & somewhat unreasonable being, who demanded blood sacrifices & meaningless rituals & parades. WE needen't speak of Asia & all her various beliefs. Even the Jews & Catholics are in this same category & the Protestants seem to be only modified Jews, tho they profess a belief that the Jewish Joseph, or Jesus, of