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Alexander, Gross W., April 13, 1948


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Gross W. Alexander 903 East Citrus Avenue Redlands, California Minister Methodist Church

April 13, 1948

Professor Albert Einstein, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

My dear Brother Einstein:

I am the person to whom you wrote endorsement of a special issue of The World Community on Jewish-Christian relations; and here I am to make request of you for support of some Methodist preachers who are taking the lead in an attempt to get the highest body of their denomination to launch a "great crusade" for Federal World Government. The inclosures are self-explanatory.

If you feel that it would be of value for The Methodist Church to make a stand and issue a call for Federal World Government, and will be so kind as to send me a statement to this effect, I will see that your statement is circulated among all the delegates (about 1,000) who are to meet in Boston on April 25.

the Methodist General Conference meets every four years. Its membership includes delegates from all over the world. It represents the largest Protestant denomination in the world.

American Methodism split wide open in 1844 on the question of slavery; it was followed by the Presbyterians, the Baptists and others. Then followed inevitably the Civil War.

It is thought by many that The Methodist Church will set the pattern for ecclesiastical policy in the present world crisis. From a reading of the inclosed Memorial which a few of us in California are circulating among all Methodist ministers of this church area, you may see what we hope for. The covering letter (on blue paper) is signed by one District Superintendent, the Pastors of the First Methodist Church of Los Angeles and Pasadena, and a Methodist missionary from India. this material has already been mailed to every delegate to General Conference. Other material of Chancellor Hutchins, Raymond Swing, and eminent leaders is being prepared. A few words from you would have enormous influence for the Cause. Won't you write me your appeal to Methodism for immediate publication on behalf of Federal World Government?

Affectionaltely and hopefully, Gross W. Alexander

Anthem of the Universal One Cosmic Brotherhoos, One Universal Good, One Source, One Sway. One Law Beholding Us, One Purpose Modling Us, One Life Enfolding Us, In Love Alway. Anger, Resentment, Hate, Long Made Us Desolate, Their Reign Is Done. Race, Color, Creed and Caste Fade in the Dreamy Past; Man Wakes to Learn at Last ALL LIFE IS ONE! - Author Unknown