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Agoos, Solomon, June 13, 1946.

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S. Agoos 209 South Street Boston, Massachusetts

June 13, 1947

Professor Albert Einstein

Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Professor Einstein:

There are some of us who might question the need of arousing the American people to the danger of the present world crisis. We feel that the majority are award of the situation. We are in agreement with you as to the urgency of all nations surrendering their sovereignty in waging war. We believe, also, that the American people even though less hopeful of success than after V-J Day, could be made to accept that ideal. I take pleasure in enclosing you check for $100. for this purpose. What we are concerned about is how you can bring this message home to the peoples in other lands, especially to the Russian people, and whether the leaders of those lands and the Soviet leaders in particular, would be willing to surrender sovereignty. Even agreement on this point would probably be of limited value unless enforcement could be made effective. It may be that this enforcement would be more difficult than many think. May I say that I think the present approach of emphasizing exclusively the destructiveness of the atomic bomb is of doubtful value. Fear may postpone, but it is more likely to breed war than to avert it. What should be stressed even more are the beneficent results arising from the freedome from fear through the release of the common energies of mankind for peace and plenty. Our land, fortunate as it now is, will not be the loser. Sincerely yours, S. Agoos SA:RB ENC. Check