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Haunted Waldo Tour

Professor David Brauner debunks the "ghost" of Waldo Hall in the short video.

"There a lot of the little secrets…"

 “Generations of my women grad students graduates and other students have related the stories that all focus on the same place… the second floor bathroom.”

 Grad students will be working at night and say that would hear some woman – kind of – singing to herself – and they would peek in here and there was nobody in there.” 

“Women would come in here and use the sink, they would chat with a woman standing next to them washing her hands, and then leave. Once in the hall they would notice that they had forgotten their purse or something on the basin, and when they went back inside – the woman in the bathroom had “disappeared.”

“If you ever have to use this restroom – use that stall!“

“Women will go in the - sitting there - contemplating nature - doing their thing, and all of a sudden this horrible feeling comes over them.”  “Dark – brooding, that kind of a feeling that this is a dangerous place to be.” “And, they are out of there, they are gone.”


Listen to the "inside scoop" on the "Haunted bathroom."

According to Dr. David Brauner, many students over the years have experienced strong negative feelings or overwhelming feelings of dread when sitting on this toilet, in the ladies bathroom on the second floor.

Waldo Hall's Haunted Toilet Stall on the Second Floor, 2013

Waldo Hall's haunted toilet stall on the second floor, 2013

[1] Brauner, David. Tour of Waldo Hall. Waldo Hall, Corvallis. 22 Feb. 2013. Scary Lecture.