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Student Health Services Records, 1929-2015

By Helena Egbert and Elizabeth Nielsen

Collection Overview

Title: Student Health Services Records, 1929-2015

Predominant Dates: 1986-2010

ID: RG 023

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Student Health Services

Extent: 4.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Student Health Services Records are arranged in 5 series: 1. Policies and Procedures, 1929-2015; 2. Meeting Minutes, 1986-2010; 3. Financial Records, 1937-1992; 4. Publications 1991-1998; and 5. Subject Files, 1929-2014.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Student Health Services Records document the administration and provision of health services to Oregon State University students.   The records address a variety of health and medical topics such as communicable diseases, vaccinations, patient privacy, and medical records.  Student Health Services was established at Oregon Agricultural College in 1916.

Scope and Content Notes

The Student Health Services Records document the administration and provision of health and medical services to Oregon State University students.  The bulk of the collection consists of policies and procedures (Series 1) and the meeting records of the Leadership and Management Teams and the nursing staff (Series 2).  These series document the establishment and implementation of protocols for the application of medical treatment; screening of students for communicable diseases; vaccination requirements; safety and emergencies; and medical records and patient privacy.

A small quantity of financial records provide information about the costs incurred to provide medical care to Army students on campus during World War II.

The subject files document programs and activities as well as health and medical topics.  Of note are materials documenting health services provided to youth participating in 4-H summer programs on campus during the 1930-1950s; interactions with the Oregon State Board of Health and the central administration of Oregon State College; biographical information about Student Health professional staff in the 1930s-1940s; the medical excuses policy for student absences; and the Student Health response to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak.  Annual reports, statistical summaries, and staff newsletters round out the collection.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Student Health Services was established at Oregon Agricultural College in 1916 in a single room within the Men’s Gymnasium.  The following year Student Health moved into the frame building now known as the Hattie Redmond Women and Gender Center (formerly Benton Annex) and stayed in that location until the Student Health Service Building was constructed in 1936 with federal funds provided by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  The Student Health Service Building is now known as Plageman Hall, in honor of Erna Plageman, a long-time student health administrator at Oregon State.

When it was established, Student Health was under the purview of Clair V. Langton, Dean of Health and Physical Education.  In the early 1930s, Student Health was placed under the supervision of the Dean of the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland.  By the early 1960s, responsibility for oversight for Student Health had moved to the Dean of Students at Oregon State University.

Student Health Services is funded by student fees and provides a full range of health services -- clinical services; prevention and wellness programs including vaccinations, alcohol and drug abuse prevention education; and sexual assault care and advocacy.

Author: Elizabeth Nielsen

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 4 boxes

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: These materials were received by the former University Archives and the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in multiple transfers from 2000 thru 2018.  The early Student Health Service records were transferred prior to 1981, probably in the 1970s.

Related Materials: Additional materials documenting Student Health Services at Oregon State are available in the Student Affairs Records (RG 102) and the Student Incidental Fees Committee Records (RG 258).  An extensive history of student health at Oregon State (through 1969) is available in the Memorabilia Collection.  Photographs of early student health service facilities and staff are part of the Amy Cyrus Sewing Book and Photographs (MSS Cyrus).

Preferred Citation: Student Health Services Records (RG 023), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Oregon State University. Student Health Services
Oregon State College. Student Health Services

People, Places, and Topics

College students--Health and hygiene
College students--Medical care--Oregon--Corvallis.
Oregon State College--Students.
Oregon State College. Student Health Services
Oregon State University--Students.
Oregon State University. Student Health Services
University History

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Policies and Procedures, 1929-2015
Series 1 consists of Student Health policies and procedures that guide staff in the application of medical treatment; screening of students for communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis; equipment handling; and the management of patient information and medical records.  Procedures pertaining to safety and emergencies; the Hepatits B virus,  HIV (or AIDS), and reportable diseases; student workers, waste disposal; immunizations; and quarantines are outlined in these materials.  Many of the policy statements have handwritten annotations of revisions and updates.  Most folders have an index listing the policies and procedures that are included.  These materials cover the late 1920s thru mid-1950s and the mid-1980s through 2015.
Box-Folder 1.01: Policies and Procedures Health Services, 1929-1947
Box-Folder 1.02: Routine Procedure, 1938-1954
Box-Folder 1.03: Standard Procedures, 1941-1952
Box-Folder 1.04: Policies and Procedures, 1986-1994
Box-Folder 1.05: Policies and Procedures, 1986-2006
Box-Folder 1.06: Policies and Procedures, 1987-1995
Box-Folder 1.07-1.09: Master Policy Procedure Manual, 1984-1990
3 folders
Box-Folder 1.10: Policies Procedures, 1987-1995
Box-Folder 1.11: Policies Procedures, 1988-1999
Box-Folder 1.12: Policies Procedures, 1993-2003
Box-Folder 1.13: Policy and Procedures, 1996-2006
Box-Folder 1.14: Policies and Procedures, 1997-2004
Box-Folder 1.15: Policies Procedures, 2004-2007
Box-Folder 1.16: Policies and Procedures, 2007-2010
Box-Folder 1.17: Policies and Procedures, 2008-2015
Box-Folder 1.18-1.20: Policy and Procedure Statements, 2000-2013
3 folders
Series 2: Meeting Minutes, 1986-2010
Series 2 consists of agendas, minutes, and related documentation  for meetings of the leadership and nursing staff of Student Health Services as well as other shorter-term Student Health Committees.  The Leadership and Management Team meetings primarily address administration and management of Student Health; the nursing staff meetings includes updates as well as discussions of protocols and procedures.
Box-Folder 1.21: Ancillary Services Department Meeting, 1995
Box-Folder 1.22: Building Enhancement Committee, 1992-1995
Box-Folder 1.23: Lab and X-ray Committee, 1987-1992
Box-Folder 2.01: Leadership Team, 1997-1999
Box-Folder 2.02: Leadership Team, 1997-2000
Box-Folder 2.03: Leadership Team, 1999-2006
Box-Folder 2.04: Leadership Team Minutes, 2000-2001
Box-Folder 2.05: Leadership Team Minutes, 2001-2002
Box-Folder 2.06: Leadership Team Meeting Minutes, 2003-2004
Box-Folder 2.07: Leadership Team Minutes, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 2.08: Leadership Team Minutes, 2007-2008
Box-Folder 2.09: Leadership Team Minutes, 2008-2009
Box-Folder 2.10: Leadership Team Minutes, 2009-2010
Box-Folder 2.11: Managment Team Meeting Minutes, 1995
Box-Folder 2.12-2.13: Management Team Meeting Minutes, 1995-1997
2 folders
Box-Folder 2.14: Nursing Staff Meetings, 1986-1994
Box-Folder 2.15: Nursing Staff Meetings, 1988-1993
Box-Folder 2.16: Nursing Staff Meetings, 1993-1995
Box-Folder 3.01: Nursing Staff Meetings, 1995-1996
Box-Folder 3.02: Nursing Staff Meetings, 1999-2002
Box-Folder 3.03: Nursing Meeting Minutes, 2002-2007
Box-Folder 3.04: Occupational Health Planning Committee, 2003-2004
Box-Folder 3.05: Quality Improvement Assurance Committee, 1989-1995
Box-Folder 3.06: Reach Out Promotion Committee, 1995-2001
Box-Folder 3.07: Service Heads Meetings, 1992
Series 3: Financial Records, 1937-1992
Series 3 provides limited information about the income and expenses of Student Health, primarily during the 1930s-1950s.  Budget information for the late 1980s-early 1990s is also included.  Of special note is information about the costs incurred to provide healthcare to Army students on campus during World War II.
Box-Folder 3.08: Army Financial Reports by Mr. Burrell, 1944
Box-Folder 3.09: Inventory Equipment, 1941-1947
Box-Folder 3.10: Food Costs, 1937-1947
Box-Folder 3.11-3.12: Health Services Charges, 1952-1954
2 folders
Box-Folder 3.13: Budgetary Information Income Summary and Reports, 1989-1992
Series 4: Publications, 1991-1998
Series 4 consists of newsletters published during the 1990s that are primarily intended for Student Health Services employees.
Box-Folder 3.14: Student Health Center Newsletter, 1991-1992
Staff newsletter for Student Health Services employees.
Box-Folder 3.15: Vital Signs, 1992-1998
This newsletter was initially focussed on staff and provided updates, kudos, and announcements of interest and use to Student Health Services employees.  The newsletter transitioned into a publication for the whole campus in the later issues and included more information about health promotion and wellness programs and activities.
Series 5: Subject Files, 1929-2014

Series 5 consists of materials on a variety of subjects that address the administration of Student Health Services; interactions between Student Health and other units at Oregon State and state agencies, such as the Oregon State Board of Health; the medical excuses policy for student absences developed in 1998; the Student Health response to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak; and student satisfaction with Student Health programs and services.  This series includes three annotated telephone guides used by Student Health nurses to address questions received by telephone on general medical and health matters, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology.  This series includes statististics and annual reports summarizing clients served, programs, activities.

Other materials of note include records documenting health services provided to youth participants in 4-H summer programs on the Oregon State campus from the 1930s through mid-1950s and biographical information about health services professional staff in the 1930s-1940s.  The Executive Offices correspondence documents interactions between the Student Health Service Director and senior administrators, including the College President, regarding budgets, facilities, and staffing.  Memoranda to all deans and department heads are also included with this correspondence.

Box-Folder 3.16: 4-H Club, 1930-1948
Box-Folder 3.17: 4-H Club Records, 1948-1955
Box-Folder 3.18: Announcements, 2004-2005
Announcements to all Oregon State University faculty and staff regarding the flu vaccine shortage.
Box-Folder 3.19: Announcements, 2014
Announcements of new programs sponsored by Student Health.
Box-Folder 3.20: Annual Reports, 1985-1996
Box-Folder 3.21: Army, 1943
October 1943.
Box-Folder 3.22: Correspondence - Associate Director (Susan Longerbeam), 1993
Box-Folder 3.23: Correspondence General, 1991-1995
Box-Folder 3.24: Executive Offices Correspondence, 1929-1934
Box-Folder 3.25: Executive Offices Correspondence, 1934-1936
Box-Folder 3.26: Executive Offices, 1936-1937
Box-Folder 3.27: Executive Offices, 1937-1938
Box-Folder 3.28: Executive Offices, 1938-1940
Box-Folder 3.29: Executive Offices, 1940-1942
Box-Folder 3.30: Executive Offices, 1942-1952
Box-Folder 4.01: Executive Offices, 1952-1961
Box-Folder 4.02: Food Services, 1940-1960
Box-Folder 4.03-4.04: Former Health Services Professional Staff, 1930-1945
2 folders
Box-Folder 4.05: Infirmary Patient Record Statistics, 1956-1957
Box-Folder 4.06: Medical Excuses Policy, 1998
Box-Folder 4.07: Oregon State Board of Health, 1930-1957
Box-Folder 4.08: Oregon State Board of Health Bulletin, 1936-1948
Box-Folder 4.09: Physical Plant Department OSC, 1931-1961
Box-Folder 4.10: Product List for Equipment Ordering, 1996
Box-Folder 4.11: Radiation Safety Information, 1986-2001
Box-Folder 4.12: Student Volunteer Internship Opportunities, 2000
Box-Folder 4.13: Shaw Supply Company, 1929-1954
Box-Folder 4.14: SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) Response Report, 2003
Box-Folder 4.15: State Board of Health Correspondence, 1933-1956
Box-Folder 4.16-4.17: Student Satisfaction Survey, 2000
2 folders
Box-Folder 4.18: Survey and Construction Reports, 1995-1998
Box-Folder 4.19: Pediatric Telephone Advice, 2002
Box-Folder 4.20: Telephone Triage Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2014
Box-Folder 4.21: Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses, 2002

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