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Memorial Union Program Council Records, 1964-2016

By Karl McCreary

Collection Overview

Title: Memorial Union Program Council Records, 1964-2016

Predominant Dates: 2006-2015

ID: RG 275

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Memorial Union

Extent: 8.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Memorial Union Program Council Records consist of 10 series. 1. Reports, 1985-2013; 2. Committees, 1989-2015; 3. Staff Meetings, 1964-2013; 4. Handbooks, 1977-2013;  5. Event Planning, 1985-2015; 6. Publications, 1970-2016; 7. Photographs, 2004-2012;  8. Scrapbooks, 1971-2011; 9. Moving Images, 1995-2013; and 10. Artifacts, 2012-2013.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) Records document the administration of this organization and its role in programming campus events. Primarily reflecting activities related to event coordination and publicity, this collection includes artifacts, budgetary documents, contracts, correspondence, digital files, flyers, handbooks, meeting minutes, photographs, posters, publications, reports, and scrapbooks. The MUPC was established in 1948.

Scope and Content Notes

The Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) Records document the administration of this organization and its role in programming campus events. These records were generated and assembled by the MUPC and include: artifacts, budgetary documents, contracts, correspondence, digital files, handbooks, flyers, meeting minutes, photographs, posters, publications, reports, scrapbooks, and a VHS videotape.

The primary focus of this collection is the coordination of events by the MUPC and the various processes involved in planning them-committee recommendations, budgetary management, staging logistics, publicity, and post event review. Materials illustrating these processes include correspondence, contracts, flyers, meeting minutes, posters, surveys, tickets, artifacts, and evaluation reports. Documentation of some of the events are depicted in photographs, moving images, and scrapbooks. 

Administrative activities reflected in these records include program and budget assessment, the publication of event planning guidelines, and policy reviews/updates in staff meetings.  These are featured in reports, handbooks, meeting minutes, and publications.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Formed in 1948 as the Memorial Union Activity Council, the Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) has served as the university's primary body in the coordination of student programming and campus wide events. The organization is managed by a combination of student officers elected at large and volunteers. These members serve on committees that are responsible in planning the combination of ongoing and one time MUPC events that occur on campus every year.

Among the annual events coordinated by the MUPC have included Mom's Weekend, Dad's Weekend, Student Leadership Conferences, the Children's Holiday Party, and the Battle of the Bands.

In 2016, the administration of the MUPC was transferred from the Memorial Union to the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. While the change did not alter the core function of the organization, the council had to be renamed and is now known as the OSU Program Council. Another change that year was the renaming of the OSU Mom's and Dad's Weekends to the OSU Fall and Spring Family Weekends. As a part of this change, the organization of these two annual events has become a collaborative effort between the OSU Program Council and the Office of New Student Programs and Family Outreach.

Author: Karl McCreary

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 51 photographic prints and 2843 digital photographs; 1 VHS videotape; 9 boxes, including 3 oversize. 8.38 Gbytes and 3228 files.

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The bulk of these materials were transferred to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in 2017. Records received earlier were originally described as a part of the Memorial Union Records (RG 099).

Related Materials:

Other collections in the OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center that document the work of the Memorial Union Program Council include the Memorial Union Records (RG 099), the Memorial Union Photograph Collection (P 198), and the KBVR TV Moving Images Collection (F/V 170).

Documentation of the major annual events organized by the MUPC, Mom's Weekend, Dad's Weekend, and the Children's Holiday (Christmas) Party, can also be found in the Office of New Student Programs Records (RG 279), News and Communications Photograph Collection (P 057); the Beaver Yearbook Photograph Collection (P 003), Harriet's Photographic Collection (P HC), and the Memorial Union Videotapes (FV 198).

The personal papers of MUPC administrator Leone S. Johnson are also available.

Preferred Citation: Memorial Union Program Council Records (RG 275), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information:

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Oregon State University. Memorial Union

People, Places, and Topics

College students--Oregon--Corvallis.
Oregon State University. Memorial Union
Student activities--Oregon--Corvallis.
University History

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Digital moving image formats.
Digital photographs.
Information artifacts.
Photographic prints.
Video recordings (physical artifacts)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Reports, 1985-2013
Series 1 consists of reports compiled by MUPC staff that reflect assessment, budgeting, and activities during summer session. This series also contains digital files.
Box-Folder 1.1: Assessment Reporting, 2009-2010
Box-Folder 1.2: Assessment Reporting, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 1.3: Budget Reporting, 2004-2011
Box-Folder 1.4: Summer Term Reports, 1985-1989
Digital Folder 3: Assessment Reporting, 2005-2006
This folder is made up of 7 born digital files relating to an assessment of the Memorial Union. These files contain focus group questions, learning outcome statements, and a transcript of a group interview of Memorial Union staff. These files are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Series 2: Committees, 1989-2013
Series 2 reflects the work of various Memorial Union Program Council committees and is made up of meeting minutes, notes, correspondence, check in sheets, and committee membership lists.
Box-Folder 1.5: Community Relations and Traditions Committee, 2013-2015
Box-Folder 1.6: Entertainment and Recreation Committee, 2012-2015
Box-Folder 1.7: General, 1989-2012
Box-Folder 1.8: Holiday Decoration Celebration Committee, 2005
Box-Folder 1.9: Marketing Committee, 1998-1999
Box-Folder 1.10: Marketing Committee Notebook, 1998-1999
Box-Folder 1.11: Marketing and Social Media Committee, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 7.1: Marketing and Social Media Committee, 2012
Box-Folder 1.12: Marketing and Social Media Committee, 2012-2015
Box-Folder 1.13: Memorial Union Advisory Board, 2013-2014
Box-Folder 1.14: MUPC Inclusivity Committee, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 1.15: MUPC Weekly Committee Check In Sheets, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 1.16: Mom's and Dad's Weekend Planning Committee, 2012
Box-Folder 1.17: Mom's Weekend Fashion Show Committee, 2009-2010
Box-Folder 1.18: OSU Spirit, Holidays, and Special Events Committee, 2012-2013
Series 3: Staff Meetings, 1964-2013
Series 3 consists of materials reflecting staff meetings and is made up of meeting minutes, agendas, notes, and memoranda.
Box-Folder 1.19: Staff Meetings, 1964-1965
Box-Folder 1.20: Staff Meetings, 1976-1980
Box-Folder 1.21: Staff Meetings, 2005-2013
Series 4: Handbooks, 1977-2013
Series 4 is made up of handbooks, guides, and binders of information assembled as a part of training orientations and reference for MUPC officers. In addition to policy and procedure guidelines, the handbooks also contain blank forms, evaluation reports, maps, and budget information.
Box-Folder 1.22: Event Planning Guides, 2004
Box-Folder 1.23: Memorial Union Election Packets, 1991-2010
Box-Folder 1.24: MUPC Director Binder, 2012
Box-Folder 1.25: MUPC Director's Retreat Packet, 2002
Box-Folder 1.26 - 1.30: MUPC Handbooks for 1977-1978 thru 2004-2005, 1977-2004
5 folders. Not all years represented, gap from 1989 through 2003.
Box-Folder 1.31: MUPC Marketing Binder, 1997-1999
Box-Folder 1.32: MUPC Marketing Opportunities Guide, 2013
Box-Folder 1.33: MUPC Orientation Handbook, 2012
Box-Folder 2.1: MUPC Orientation Handbook, 2013
Box-Folder 2.2: MUPC Program Advisor Binder, 2003-2006
Box-Folder 2.3: Student Involvement Event Planning Guide, 2001
Series 5: Event Planning Files, 1986-2015
Series 5 documents the planning and publicity of campus events and activities organized by the Memorial Union Program Council. These materials are made up of certificates, contracts, correspondence, event programs, flyers, posters, tickets, information packets, judging forms, meeting minutes, event summary reports, and stage passes. This series also contains digital files.
Box-Folder 2.4: All-University Student Recognition and Awards Banquet, 2002-2010
Includes correspondence regarding the Jo Anne Trow Woman of Distinction Award.
Box-Folder 2.5: Battle of the Bands, 2004-2008
Box-Folder 2.6: Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival, 2009
Box-Folder 2.7 - 2.10: Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival, 2010
4 folders
Box-Folder 2.11 - 2.13: Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival, 2011
3 folders
Box-Folder 2.14 - 2.17 : Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival, 2012
4 folders
Box-Folder 2.18 - 2.20 : Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival, 2013
3 folders
Box-Folder 3.1 - 3.2 : Battle of the Bands/Dam Jam, 2014
2 folders.
Box-Folder 3.3: Battle of the Bands, 2015
Box-Folder 3.4: Battle of the DJs, 2012
Box-Folder 3.5: Battle of the DJs, 2013
Box-Folder 3.6: Battle of the DJs, 2014
Box-Folder 3.7: Benny Beaver's Birthday Bash, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 3.8: Campus Movie Fest, 2009-2010
Box-Folder 3.9: Campus Movie Fest, 2011
Box-Folder 3.10 - 3.17: Children's Holiday Party, 2005-2014
8 folders.
Box-Folder 8.1: Children's Holiday Party-Planning Notes, 2013
Box-Folder 3.18: Civil War Tee Shirt Sales, 2010-2013
Box-Folder 3.19: Connect Week Activities, 2010-2012
Box-Folder 3.20 - 3.31: Dad's Weekend, 1993-2014
Box-Folder 7.2: Dad's Weekend, 2012
Box-Folder 4.1: Homecoming Events, 2006-2013
Box-Folder 4.2 - 4.4: Leadership Conferences, 2010-2013
Box-Folder 4.5: Lounge Jam, 2009
Box-Folder 4.6: Martin Luther King (MLK III) Lecture, 2006
Box-Folder 4.7: MUPC Diversity Speaker Series, 2010-2011
Box-Folder 4.8: Men's Leadership Conferences, 2006-2009
Box-Folder 4.9: Mom's Weekend, 1988-1994
Mom's Weekend Fashion Show
Box-Folder 4.10 - 4.14 : Mom's Weekend, 1999-2001
Mom's Weekend Fashion Shows
Box-Folder 4.15 - 4.16: Mom's Weekend, 2006-2007
2 folders.
Box-Folder 4.17 - 4.18: Mom's Weekend, 2008
2 folders.
Box-Folder 4.19 - 4.20: Mom's Weekend, 2009
2 folders.
Box-Folder 4.21 - 4.25: Mom's Weekend, 2010
5 folders.
Box-Folder 5.1: Mom's Weekend, 2010
Box-Folder 5.2 - 5.5: Mom's Weekend, 2011
4 folders.
Box-Folder 5.6 - 5.11: Mom's Weekend, 2012
6 folders.
Box-Folder 5.12 - 5.16: Mom's Weekend, 2013
5 folders.
Box-Folder 5.17 - 5.20: Mom's Weekend, 2014
4 folders.
Box-Folder 6.1: Mom's Weekend, 2015
Box-Folder 7.3: Mom's Weekend, 1989-2014
Box-Folder 6.2: Movie in the Quad, 2012
Box-Folder 6.3: Oregon's Birthday Celebrations, 2013-2014
Box-Folder 6.4 - 6.7 : OSU Has Talent, 2010-2014
Box-Folder 7.4: Posters for Various Events, 1985-2014
Box-Folder 6.8: Renaissance Faire, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 6.9- 6.10 : Snow in the Quad, 2006-2011
Box-Folder 6.11: Sponsorship For Events, 2002-2010
Box-Folder 6.12: Summer Session Noon Concerts, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 6.13: Taylor Mali and Poetry Slam For Poverty, 2011
Box-Folder 6.14: Tristan Taormino Lecture, 2011
Box-Folder 6.15: Valentine's Day Event, 2013
Box-Folder 6.16: Various Events, 2005-2011
Box-Folder 6.17 - 6.19: Western Wind-Up, 2013-2015
Box-Folder 7.5: Western Wind-Up, 2013
Box-Folder 6.20 -6.23 : Women's Leadership Conference, 1990-2009
4 folders. Nothing for years 1995 through 2000
Digital Folder 1: Event Planning Files, 2002-2011
This folder consists of 378 born digital files reflecting the planning and publicity of various MUPC events. These files include budgetary records, event summary reports, letter templates, posters, registration form blanks, and survey materials. These files are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Series 6: Publications, 1970-2016
Series 6 is comprised of brochures, event calendars, and other media printed for distribution containing information on Memorial Union Program Council members and activities.
Box-Folder 8.2: Event Calendars, 1976-1987
Box-Folder 6.24: Informational Brochures, 1970-2016
Series 7: Photographs, 2004-2012
Series 7 is made up of photographic and digital images taken by Memorial Union Program Council staff that document various events organized by MUPC. These events include the Mom's Weekend Fashion Show, Battle of the Bands, and the Children's Holiday Party. In total, there are 46 photographic prints and 2843 digital photographs in this series.
Box-Folder 6.25: Children's Holiday Party, 2012
Box-Folder 6.26: Renaissance Faire Vendor Booths, 2004
Digital Folder 2: Photographs, 2006-2012
This folder contains 2843 digital photographs arranged in 22 folders. The images depict Mom's Weekend Fashion Shows and music festivals organized by the MUPC. These files are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Series 8: Scrapbooks, 1971-2011
Series 7 consists of 3 scrapbooks assembled by the Memorial Union Program Council that contain newspaper clippings, photographs and posters documenting events organized by the MUPC and new stories about its members. There are 5 photographic prints in these scrapbooks.
Box-Item 7.1: Scrapbook, 1971
Box-Item 7.2: Scrapbook, 1986
Box-Folder 6.27: Scrapbook, 2011
Series 9: Moving Images, 1995-2013
Series 9 is made up of 1 VHS videotape and 5 digital files containing footage from events organized by the Memorial Union Program Council. Also included are two recordings of student auditions for the "OSU Got Talent" competition and an informational video about serving in the MUPC.
Box-Item 6.1: Mom's Weekend, 1995
VHS videotape
Item 2: MUPC-Choose Your Own Adventure!, 2010
A promotional film to publicize the activities of the MUPC. Video can be accessed here.
Item 3: "OSU Got Talent" Auditions, 2011
Student auditions for the 2011 "OSU Got Talent" contest. Video can be accessed here.
Item 4: "OSU Has Talent" Auditions, 2013
Student auditions for the 2013 "OSU Has Talent" contest. Video can be accessed here.
Item 5: Battle of the Bands, 2013
Footage from the 2013 Battle of the Bands. Video can be accessed here.
Item 6: Battle of the Bands and Flat Tail Music Festival, 2012
Footage from the Battle of the Bands and Flat Tail Music Festival. Video can be accessed here.
Series 10: Artifacts, 2012-2013
Series 10 is comprised of artifacts created in the course of organizing and managing Memorial Union Program Council events. The items include a backstage pass on a lanyard, a customized portfolio for the Battle of the Bands Director, refrigerator magnets, and animal bag puppets used as craft models at the 2013 Children's Holiday Party.
Box 9

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