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Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records, 1900-2005

By Finding aid prepared by Bryce Henry and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records, 1900-2005

Predominant Dates: 1908-1966

ID: RG 054

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Department of Botany & Plant Pathology

Extent: 0.8 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records are arranged in 6 series: 1. General Correspondence, 1900-1962; 2. Research Correspondence, 1900-1962; 3. Reports, 1908-2005; 4. Teaching Materials, 1923-1924; 5. Research Project Records, 1958-1966; and 6. Publications, circa 1990.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records document research, teaching, and outreach activities in botany and plant diseases at Oregon State University. The records include general and research correspondence, reports, teaching materials, research records, and publications. The records address the diseases of economically important crops and plants grown in Oregon. Botany courses have been taught at Oregon State since the 1870s and the first plant pathology course was taught in 1895; the department was formally established in 1888 as the Department of Botany and Horticulture.

Scope and Content Notes

The Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records document research, teaching, and extension programs in botany and plant diseases at Oregon State. The bulk of the records were microfilmed in the 1960s and consist of general and research correspondence pertaining to department administration and various research projects. Much of the collection pertains to research and extension activities on the diseases of tree fruits, ornamentals and nursery crops, small fruits and berries, vegetable crops and potatoes, hops, mint, and cereals; use of fungicides; and nematodes.

Reports include fungicide test results, reports of the Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, and a comprehensive report and self-study prepared in 1975.

The records include correspondence with and reports to the Agricultural Experiment Station, which funded much of the research. Correspondence and reports by Howard P. Barss are part of the records; reports on the Herbarium by Helen Gilkey are also included. The teaching materials include laboratory manuals and course outlines for botany courses taught in the 1920s. Authors include W.M. Atwood and Charles E. Owens. A booklet about the department prepared in about 1990 includes profiles of all department faculty that describe their research areas and list several recent publications.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Botany and Plant Pathology Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and conducts research on the fundamental aspects of plant biology, plant health and funcion, plant-microbe and plan-insect interactions, genomics, evolution, and ecology. The extension unit of the department addresses diseases of economically important plants in Oregon and plant diseases of worldwide significance.

Botany courses have been taught at Oregon State since the 1870s; the first plant pathology course was taught in 1895. The Department of Botany and Horticulture was established in 1888 with E.R. Lake as head. A combined Department of Botany and Forestry was active from 1904 until 1908, when a separate Department of Botany was formed in the School of Agriculture. In 1909, it was renamed the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Joint administration of the department by the Schools of Agriculture and Science began about 1932.

Department chairs have included Howard P. Barss (1915-1936), Charles E. Owens (1936-1947), S.M. Dietz (1947-1958), and Roy A. Young (1958-1966).

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additions to the collection are expected.

More Extent Information: 1 box; 14 microfilm reels

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The records were acquired by the Archives in several accessions from 1967 until 2005.

Related Materials:

Additional information about botany and plant pathology academic, research, and extension programs is available in the College of Science Records (RG 024), Agricultural Experiment Station Records (RG 025), and the Extension Service Records (RG 111). The OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center holdings also include the Botany and Plant Pathology Department Photograph Collection (P 075), the Herbarium Records (RG 117), and the Herbarium Photographs (P 093). The OSU Memorabilia Collection (MSS MC) file on the Botany and Plant Pathology Department includes several histories of the department and information about faculty and academic and research programs.

TheKareen Peiffer Laboratory Notes (MSS Peiffer) and the papers of several botany and plant pathology faculty are part of the Center's holdings: Winfred M. Atwood Scrapbook (MSS Atwood), Harold J. Evans Papers (MSS EvansHJ), Helen M. Gilkey Papes (GilkeyH), Henry Paul Hansen Papers (MSS HansenHP), William Evans Lawrence Papers (MSS Lawrence), Harry K. Phinney Papers (MSS Phinney), Albert N. Steward Papers (MSS Steward), Roy A. Young Papers (MSS YoungRA), Donald B. Zobel Papers (MSS Zobel), and the Donald B. Zobel Collection of Historic Forestry and Vegetation Maps (MAPS ZobelMaps).

Preferred Citation: Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records (RG 054), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Oregon State University. Department of Botany & Plant Pathology
Atwood, W. M. (Winfred McKenzie) (1883-)
Barss, H. P. (Howard Phillips) (1885-)
Gilkey, Helen M. (1886-1972)
Oregon Agricultural College. Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Oregon Agricultural College. Experiment Station
Oregon State Agricultural College. Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Oregon State College. Agricultural Experiment Station
Oregon State College. Department of Botany
Oregon State University. Agricultural Experiment Station
Oregon State University. Department of Botany
Oregon State University. Extension Service
Owens, Charles Elmer (1877-)

People, Places, and Topics

Agricultural extension work--Oregon.
Botany--Study and teaching (Higher)--Oregon--Corvallis.
History of Science
Hops and Brewing
Natural Resources
Oregon Agricultural College. Herbarium
Oregon State College--Research.
Oregon State College. Herbarium
Oregon State University--Faculty.
Oregon State University--Research.
Oregon State University. Herbarium
Plant diseases--Research--Oregon.
Plant diseases--Study and teaching--Oregon--Corvallis.
University History

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: General Correspondence, 1900-1962
Series I consists of correspondence, reports, committee and advisory board records, and related materials pertaining to the administration as well as instruction, research, and extension activities of the department. Correspondence with Agricultural Experiment Station administrators is included.
Sub-Series 1: General Correspondence, 1900-1934
Reel-Folder 1.2-1.5: Within this department in reference to College
Reel-Folder 1.6: Report of the Director of the Experiment Station (Cordley)
Reel-Folder 1.7: College Exchange and referred letters
Reel-Folder 1.8: Dean A. B. Cordley (College)
Reel-Folder 1.9-1.13: Dean Cordley
Reel-Folder 1.14: Dean M. E. Smith
Reel-Folder 1.15: Dean Smith
Reel-Folder 1.16: Dean Smith (Courses and Schedules)
Reel-Folder 1.17: Dean Smith (Appointments and Assistance)
Reel-Folder 1.18: Dean Smith (Apartment Needs and Appropriations)
Reel-Folder 1.19: Director J. T. Jardine (Station)
Reel-Folder 1.20-1.22: Director Jardine
Reel-Folder 1.23: Department Car
Reel-Folder 1.24-1.25: Extension Office
Reel-Folder 1.26: Within this Department in reference to Extension
Reel-Folder 1.27: President Kerr
Reel-Folder 1.28: Business Office
Reel-Folder 1.29: Registrar
Reel-Folder 1.30: Graduate Instruction Committee
Reel-Folder 1.31: With other departments
Reel-Folder 1.32: Student Relations - Cascade Cub
Reel-Folder 1.33: Catalog and Schedule
Reel-Folder 1.34: Greenhouse Committee - Recommendations
Reel-Folder 1.35: Greenhouse Committee
Reel-Folder 1.36: Greenhouse Committee - General
Reel-Folder 2.37: Greenhouse Committee
Reel-Folder 2.38: Resident Instruction Problems
Reel-Folder 2.39-2.40: H. P. Barss Personal
Reel-Folder 2.41-2.43: With Professional Colleagues
Reel-Folder 2.44: National Research Council
Reel-Folder 2.45: War Emergency Board (WEB) - Reports and Minutes of Meetings
Reel-Folder 2.46: War Emergency Board (WEB) - Projects
Reel-Folder 2.47: War Emergency Board (WEB) - Circular Letters
Reel-Folder 2.48: Advisory Board - List of Phytopathological Projects
Reel-Folder 2.49: Advisory Board - Minutes of Meeting
Reel-Folder 2.50: Advisory Board - G. R. Lyman, Chairman
Reel-Folder 2.51: Advisory Board - H. P. Barss
Reel-Folder 2.52: Advisory Board - H. W. Barre
Reel-Folder 2.53: Advisory Board - C. R. Orton, Secy.
Reel-Folder 2.54: Advisory Board - Paul A. Murphy (Canada)
Reel-Folder 2.55: Advisory Board - H. S. Jackson
Reel-Folder 2.56: Advisory Board - Pine Blister Rust
Reel-Folder 2.57: Advisory Board
Reel-Folder 2.58: Advisory Board - Projects and Project Outlines
Reel-Folder 2.59: Portland Phytopathological Meeting
Reel-Folder 2.60: Advisory Board Meetings - Preliminary Information
Reel-Folder 2.61: Advisory Board - Long Island Meetings
Reel-Folder 2.62: Advisory Board - American Institute for Phytopathological Research
Reel-Folder 2.63: Advisory Board - Thompson Institute
Reel-Folder 2.64: Advisory Board - Shenandoah Valley Meeting
Reel-Folder 2.65: Cooperative Work/Plant Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.65: Cooperative Work/Plant Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.66-3.67: Cooperative Work/Plant Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.68: C. E. Owens, Survey Work in Oregon
Reel-Folder 3.69: Correspondence Relating to Courses
Reel-Folder 3.70: Outgoing Recommendations
Reel-Folder 3.71: Plant Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.72: Bean Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.73: Grain Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.74: Prune Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.75: Volunteer Reporters’ Plant Disease Survey
Reel-Folder 3.76: Plant Disease Survey - Reports for Oregon
Reel-Folder 3.77: Plant Disease Survey - Losses, 1917
Reel-Folder 3.78: General Record of Conditions, 1917
Reel-Folder 3.79: Crop Disease Survey, 1917
Reel-Folder 3.80: Volunteer Reporters’ Plant Disease Survey, 1918
Reel-Folder 3.81: Plant Disease Survey Reports
Reel-Folder 3.82: Report on Bean Diseases
Reel-Folder 3.83: Report on Peach Leaf Curl
Reel-Folder 3.84: Report on Fire Blight
Reel-Folder 3.85: Report on Apple Diseases
Reel-Folder 3.86: Report on Strawberry Disease
Reel-Folder 3.87: Report on Potato Disease
Reel-Folder 3.88: Laboratory Report on Miscellaneous Fungi, 1911-1912
Reel-Folder 3.89: Fungi Disease
Reel-Folder 3.90: Miscellaneous
Sub-Series 2: General Correspondence, 1935-1962
Reel-Folder 9.1: Aims and Objectives
Reel-Folder 9.2: Am. Phytopath, 1950-1951
Reel-Folder 9.3: R. S. Besse
Reel-Folder 9.4: Botany Library Books
Reel-Folder 9.5: Branch Stations, correspondence
Reel-Folder 9.6: Proposed Building
3 folders
Reel-Folder 9.7: Chemistry Department
Reel-Folder 10.8: Courses in Botany - Catalog Revisions
Reel-Folder 10.9: Catalog material, changes, etc., 1951-1952
Reel-Folder 10.9a: County Agents
Reel-Folder 10.10: The Dalles Experimental Area
Reel-Folder 10.11: The Dalles Situation
Reel-Folder 10.12: Dana
Reel-Folder 10.13: Davidson to Legislators
Reel-Folder 10.14: Departmental Land Committee
Reel-Folder 10.15: Department Needs - Room Space and other
Reel-Folder 10.16: Departmental Notices
Reel-Folder 10.17: Disease of Nursery Stock - Problems
Reel-Folder 10.18: Eastern Oregon Wheat League
Reel-Folder 10.19: Emergency Plan - Prev. Moscow, Idaho
Reel-Folder 10.20: Entomology
Reel-Folder 10.21: Equipment Correspondence
Reel-Folder 10.22: Extension, 1949-1953
Reel-Folder 10.23: Flanagan Hope Act Projects
Reel-Folder 10.24: Forest Land Rehabilitation
Reel-Folder 10.25: Gilfillan, 1951-1953
Reel-Folder 10.26: Resident Instruction
Reel-Folder 10.27: Reports and Statistics and Grades
Reel-Folder 10.28: Greenhouse, 1949-1951
Reel-Folder 10.29: Greenhouse
Reel-Folder 10.30: R. W. Henderson, 1950-1951
Reel-Folder 10.31: H. E. P. Northwest Association of Horticulturists, Entomologists and Plant Pathologists
Reel-Folder 10.32-10.33: Herbarium
Reel-Folder 10.34: Institutional Correspondence, 1950-1952
Reel-Folder 10.35: W. C. Brown Company Manual
Reel-Folder 10.36: McKinnon
Reel-Folder 10.37: McWhorter, Frank P., 1931-1943
Reel-Folder 10.38: O. T. McWhorter
Reel-Folder 10.39: Meetings and Field Trips
Reel-Folder 11.39: Meetings and Field Trips
Reel-Folder 11.40: Ag. Department Head Meeting
Reel-Folder 11.41: Science Faculty Meetings
Reel-Folder 11.42: Variety Release Policies
Reel-Folder 11.43: Policies and Procedures
Reel-Folder 11.44: Fern, 1960-1961
Reel-Folder 11.45: Fern, 1962
Reel-Folder 11.46: Greenery Project
Reel-Folder 11.47: Letters
Reel-Folder 11.48: Salal
Reel-Folder 11.49: F. E. Price, 1950-1952
Reel-Folder 11.50: Station Projects, Miscellaneous Correspondence Research and Service Projects, 1932-1949
Reel-Folder 11.51: Project report 55 - 1
Reel-Folder 11.52: Botany Newsletters
Reel-Folder 11.53: Campus Publications Miscellaneous
Reel-Folder 11.54: File for publications
Reel-Folder 11.55: Manuscripts approved, 1953-1957
Reel-Folder 11.56: Manuscripts approved, 1957-1958
Reel-Folder 12.56: Manuscripts approved, 1957-1958
Reel-Folder 12.57: Manuscript Publication Rules
Reel-Folder 12.58: Non - departmental publications
Reel-Folder 12.60: Regulations for publications
Reel-Folder 12.61: Technical Papers Published by Staff
Reel-Folder 12.62: Radio
Reel-Folder 12.63: Radiation Center
Reel-Folder 12.64: Rentals, Land Leases, and Agreements
Reel-Folder 12.65: Annual Progress Reports, 1950-1952
Reel-Folder 12.66: Agriculture - Research and Advisory
Reel-Folder 12.67: Basic Research
Reel-Folder 12.68: Resolutions, Legislative, Flanagan - Hope
Reel-Folder 12.69: School of Science - Gilfillan, 1952
Reel-Folder 12.70: Societies and Organizations, 1949
Reel-Folder 12.71: Staff records
Reel-Folder 12.72: Staff Registration
Reel-Folder 12.74: State Department of Agriculture
Reel-Folder 12.75: Washington State
Reel-Folder 12.76: Zoology, Geology
Reel-Folder 12.77: Miscellaneous, 1949-1952
Reel-Folder 12.78: Miscellaneous Institutional Correspondence
Box-Folder 1.1: Budget for 1959/1961, 1958
Letter from Roy Young, Plant Pathologist, to R.W. Henderson, Assistant Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station with justification for additional funds for the department in the 1959-1961 biennium. The letter describes current activities in the department and proposed staff additions.
Series 2: Research Correspondence, 1900-1962
The Research Correspondence consists of correspondence, reports, project outlines, research data, laboratory and trip reports, and information from suppliers and vendors documenting the research activities of the department addressing the diseases of fruits and nuts, potatoes and other field crops, holly and other ornamental plants, hops, and wheat. Much of the research was funded by the Agricultural Experiment Station.
Sub-Series 1: Research Correspondence, 1900-1930
Reel-Folder 3.1-3.4: Fake and Doubtful Cures
Reel-Folder 3.5: Crown Gall
Reel-Folder 3.6: Cherry Crown Gall
Reel-Folder 3.7: Cherry Exoascus
Reel-Folder 3.8: Cherry Shothole
Reel-Folder 3.9: Hollyhock
Reel-Folder 3.10: Snapdragon
Reel-Folder 3.11: Prune Sun Scald
Reel-Folder 3.12: Bitter Pit Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.13: Strawberry Disease
Reel-Folder 3.14: Potato Blight Spray Experiments
Reel-Folder 3.15: Potato Disease Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.16: Potato Blight Control
Reel-Folder 3.17: Prune Brown rot spraying experiments
Reel-Folder 3.18: Apple Tree Anthracnose Experiments
Reel-Folder 3.19: Correspondence relating to spray material
Reel-Folder 3.20: Apple fruit spot and rots
Reel-Folder 3.21: Potato Blight Control
Reel-Folder 3.22: Sclerotinia Cinerea Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.23: Prune Sun Scald
Reel-Folder 3.24: Prune Brown Rot Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.25-3.26: Prune Brown Rot Spraying Experiments
Reel-Folder 3.27: Peach Leaf Curl Control
Reel-Folder 3.28: Apple and Pear Scab - Life history investigations
Reel-Folder 3.29: Cherry Bacteriosis Control
Reel-Folder 3.30: Potato Powdery Scab Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.31: Brown Rot, Blossom Blight Investigations
Reel-Folder 3.32: Currant Anthracnose Spraying Experiment
Reel-Folder 3.33: Rose mildew and black spot control
Reel-Folder 3.34: Gooseberry mildew spraying experiment
Reel-Folder 3.35: Potato Disease Investigation
Reel-Folder 3.36: Apple Scab Spraying Experiments
Reel-Folder 3.37: Gooseberry Spray Experiments
Reel-Folder 4.38: Verticillem Wilt of Potatoes
Reel-Folder 4.39: Dry Storage Rot of Potatoes
Reel-Folder 4.40: Efficiency of Spray Materials in Control of Apple Scab
Reel-Folder 4.41: Hood River Experiment Station Report
Reel-Folder 4.42: Hood River Experiment Station Project Outlines
Reel-Folder 4.43: Cost and Effectiveness of Plant Disease Control
Reel-Folder 4.44: Experiments with Scalecide on Cankers
Reel-Folder 4.45: Western Yellow Tomato Blight
Reel-Folder 4.46: Anthracnose of apple
Reel-Folder 4.47: Eel Worm Investigations in Oregon
Reel-Folder 4.48: Potato dusting
Reel-Folder 4.49: Prelimary Studies of Stem Rot in Clover and Alfalfa
Reel-Folder 4.50: Disease of bulbs including tulip and narcissus
Reel-Folder 4.51: Tests for comparing bands and types of Bordeaux mixtures
Reel-Folder 4.52: Walnut blight
Reel-Folder 4.53: Fungicide studies
Reel-Folder 4.54-4.55: Rose mosaic
Reel-Folder 4.56: B. A. Rudolph correspondence
Reel-Folder 4.57: Bulb project, USDA cooperating
Reel-Folder 4.58: Chestnut blight on Paragon Chestnut
Reel-Folder 4.59: Tomato Strain of A. H. Osgood
Reel-Folder 4.60: Adherence of copper sprays and apple trees anthracnose control
Reel-Folder 4.61: Cereal Investigations
Reel-Folder 4.62: Treatments for Anemone Rust
Reel-Folder 4.63: Transmission of tulip and iris mosaic
Reel-Folder 4.64: Basal Cane canker of red raspberry
Reel-Folder 4.65: The preparation of botanical bibliographies
Reel-Folder 4.66: Barse - Miscellaneous clippings
Reel-Folder 4.67-4.68: Barss
Reel-Folder 4.69: Barss - Popular material
Reel-Folder 4.70-4.72: Barss
Reel-Folder 4.73: H. P. Barss - Notes on meetings of various kinds
Reel-Folder 4.74: H. P. Barss - Manuscripts and abstracts Crown Gall
Reel-Folder 4.75: Crown Gall
Reel-Folder 4.76: The Dependence of Stinking Smut Occurrence on the Character of the Soil
Reel-Folder 4.77: Diseases produced by Rhizoctonia Violacea
Reel-Folder 4.78: The effect of higher temperatures during and after treatment by various fungicides
Reel-Folder 4.79: On the Elaioplasts in Mono - and Dicotyledonous Plants
Reel-Folder 4.80: External factors in disease
Reel-Folder 4.81: Further remarks on the limitation of the genera Urebineai
Reel-Folder 4.82: General works and papers on plant diseases and their control
Reel-Folder 4.83: Miscellaneous phytopathological catch-all
Reel-Folder 4.84: Monilia Blight
Reel-Folder 4.85: Norwegian Table Salt Spray - Investigations against American Gooseberry Mildew
Reel-Folder 4.86: On the possibility to the biology of host changing rust fungi by means of studying their morphological characters
Reel-Folder 4.87: Sclerotinia Trifoliorum
Reel-Folder 4.88: Seed treatment materials
Reel-Folder 4.89: Thallium as a poison
Reel-Folder 4.90: Unterschungen Uber die Entwicklungs Geschichte und Sexual Physiologie der Ustilago Bromivora und Ustilago Grandis
Reel-Folder 4.91: Station budget, 1927-1928
Reel-Folder 4.92: Proposed investigations
Reel-Folder 4.93: Department scopes
Reel-Folder 4.94: Experimental Station information, etc.
Reel-Folder 4.95: Plant pathological work
Reel-Folder 4.96: Apple Baldwin Fruit Spot
Reel-Folder 4.97: Currant Leaf Spot
Reel-Folder 4.98: Laboratory and Trip Reports, 1911-1912
Reel-Folder 4.99: Nematode - in Strawberries in Oregon
Reel-Folder 4.100: Projects
Reel-Folder 4.101: Report of Investigations
Reel-Folder 4.102: The effect of higher temperatures during and after treatment with various fungicides
Reel-Folder 4.103: Research Council
Reel-Folder 4.104: Rose anthracnose
Reel-Folder 4.105: Potato disease reports
Reel-Folder 5.105: Potato disease reports
Reel-Folder 5.106-5.108: Potato disease reports
Reel-Folder 5.109: Potato disease studies, cultures
Reel-Folder 5.110: Potato disease studies
Reel-Folder 5.111: Potato disease studies, field notes
Reel-Folder 5.112: Potato disease studies, cultures, and yields
Reel-Folder 5.113: Potato disease studies, general
Reel-Folder 5.114: Potato disease studies, spread of verticillium
Sub-Series 2: Research Correspondence, 1930-1940
Reel-Folder 5.1: Adams Project No. 36 and Legislative Brown Rot Project
Reel-Folder 5.2: American Plant Pest Committee
Reel-Folder 5.3: Annual report of nut disease investigations in the Pacific Northwest
Reel-Folder 5.4: Annual report of the cooperative uniform cereal rust nurseries for the year 1934
Reel-Folder 5.5: Popular articles, H. P. Barss
Reel-Folder 5.6: Berkmann’s blight manuscript
Reel-Folder 5.7: Bulbs - Mac’s file
Reel-Folder 5.8-5.9: Rose crown gall
Reel-Folder 5.10: Elm
Reel-Folder 5.11: Fungicide testing
Reel-Folder 5.12: Gladiolus
Reel-Folder 6.13: Gladiolus bulbs
Reel-Folder 6.14: Holly
Reel-Folder 6.15: Holly Canker
Reel-Folder 6.16: Investigations of the Relationship of the Soil Solution to Plant Growth and Related Factors Involved in a Permanently Successful Irrigated Agriculture
Reel-Folder 6.17: Legislation regarding black currant
Reel-Folder 6.18: C. E. Owens Library Needs
Reel-Folder 6.19: Notes on Lily Thrips Situation
Reel-Folder 6.20: Dr. McWhorter’s notes
Reel-Folder 6.21: McWhorter projects
Reel-Folder 6.22: Morning Glory
Reel-Folder 6.23: Nursery Problems - Milbrath Weekly Reports
Reel-Folder 6.24: Nursery Stock
Reel-Folder 6.25: P. W. Miller Nut Disease Situation - Reports
Reel-Folder 6.26: Nut disease investigations in the Pacific Northwest, 1931
Reel-Folder 6.27: Nut investigations
Reel-Folder 6.28: Nut disease investigations
Reel-Folder 6.29: Ornamentals
Reel-Folder 6.30: Pea Disease Report
Reel-Folder 6.31: Pea Diseases
Reel-Folder 6.32: Pear scab studies
Reel-Folder 6.33: List of photographic equipment, Botany Department
Reel-Folder 6.34: Plant virus nomenclature
Reel-Folder 6.35: Klamath Experimental Project
Reel-Folder 6.36: Report for Chancellor on Special Projects
Reel-Folder 6.37: Botany - Station List of Projects
Reel-Folder 6.38: Release of property - Resident instruction and station
Reel-Folder 6.39: Repairs
Reel-Folder 6.40: School of Science Inventory - Botany Department Floor Space Evaluation
Reel-Folder 6.41: Stunt Disease of Strawberry
Sub-Series 3: Research Correspondence, 1940-1962
Reel-Folder 6.1: Aquatic Weeds
Reel-Folder 6.2: Azalea
Reel-Folder 6.3: Barberry eradication
Reel-Folder 6.4: Bloomicide
Reel-Folder 6.5-6.6: Bulb Florist Nursery Council
Reel-Folder 6.7: Camellia
Reel-Folder 6.8: Camellia Flower Nursery Council
Reel-Folder 6.9: Cereal Crops Smuts
Reel-Folder 6.10: Narcissus Certification
Reel-Folder 6.11: Narcissus and Daffodil Certification
Reel-Folder 6.12-6.13: Seed Certification
Reel-Folder 6.14: Strawberry Certification
Reel-Folder 6.15: Diseases of Cherry
Reel-Folder 6.16: Mazzard Cherry
Reel-Folder 6.17: Cypress Root Rot
Reel-Folder 7.18: Cypress Root Rot Manuscript
Reel-Folder 7.19: Daphne
Reel-Folder 7.20: Daphne PDR
Reel-Folder 7.21: Daphne Viruses
Reel-Folder 7.22: W. H. English’s Final Report
Reel-Folder 7.23: Forage
Reel-Folder 7.24: Forage Crops
Reel-Folder 7.25: Fumigation - Soil and Storage
Reel-Folder 7.26: Fungicides and Herbicides
Reel-Folder 7.27: Crown Gall
Reel-Folder 7.28: Gardenia Project
Reel-Folder 7.29: Glads - Cleveland Trip
Reel-Folder 7.30: Gladolia Data
Reel-Folder 7.31: Curvularia Gladiolus
Reel-Folder 7.32: Gladiolus Flourine Injury
Reel-Folder 7.33: G - Scab
Reel-Folder 7.34-7.36: Holly
Reel-Folder 7.37: Holly - Corr. Budd.
Reel-Folder 7.38: Holly Leaf Spot
Reel-Folder 7.39: Holly Project
Reel-Folder 7.40: Holly - Phytophthora
Reel-Folder 7.41: Holly - Spray Trials, 1954
Reel-Folder 7.42: Holly - Spray Recommendations, 1955
Reel-Folder 7.43: Holly - Handbook article, 1957
Reel-Folder 7.44: Holly - Phytophthora manu. - Phytophath
Reel-Folder 7.45: Hops - Brewing Industry
Reel-Folder 7.46: Hop Research Committee
Reel-Folder 7.47: Platu - Buddenhagen Ph. D. thesis article
Reel-Folder 7.47a: Lilac
Reel-Folder 7.48: Melon Mildew Control
Reel-Folder 7.49: Mint
Reel-Folder 7.50: Nematode
Reel-Folder 7.51: Nursery Disease, Control, Bulbs, etc.
Reel-Folder 8.51: Nursery Disease, Control, Bulbs, etc.
Reel-Folder 8.52: Nursery Newsletter
Reel-Folder 8.53: Nursery Meetings
Reel-Folder 8.54: Nursery Short Course
Reel-Folder 8.55: Nursery Project 67 - Outline
Reel-Folder 8.56: Project Reports - 67 Nursery
Reel-Folder 8.57: Nuts
Reel-Folder 8.58: Onions, Carrots, Celery, Beans
Reel-Folder 8.59: Ornamentals
Reel-Folder 8.60: Ornamental Plants
Reel-Folder 8.61: Ornamental Diseases
Reel-Folder 8.62: Anderson - Report of Organisms on Ornamentals
Reel-Folder 8.63: Ornamental Short Course, 1957
Reel-Folder 8.64: Ornamental Short Course, 1957-1958
Reel-Folder 8.65: Peas - Northwest Canners
Reel-Folder 8.66: Phytophthera - Cytosfora, Canker
Reel-Folder 8.67: Pronus - Phytophthera
Reel-Folder 8.68: University of Washington Arboretum Bulletin, Phytopath. Manuscript, 1957
Reel-Folder 8.69: Plant Pathological Projects, State and Federal
Reel-Folder 8.70: Plant Pathology Farm, 1959
Reel-Folder 8.71: Potatoes
Reel-Folder 8.72: Poinsettia
Reel-Folder 8.73: Seed Disease
Reel-Folder 8.74: Smut Control
Reel-Folder 8.75: Sprays and Fungicides
Reel-Folder 8.76: Stone Fruits: Viruses, Vector Control, Stony Pit
Reel-Folder 8.77: Strawberries and Raspberries
Reel-Folder 9.77: Strawberries and Raspberries
Reel-Folder 9.78
Folder 1: Disease of Vegetables - Tomato, Seed Treatment, Onion
Folder 2: Second Report of Progress on Walnut Blight and Its Control in Oregon
Folder 3: Weeds, Livestock Investigation, Conifer Dis., Fog Generators
Folder 4: Wheat, Barley, Clover smuts
Folder 5: Wheat smuts
Box-Folder 1.2: CSRS/OSU Graduate School review of the department, 1990
Series 3: Reports, 1908-2005
Series 3 consists of reports and handbooks from the 1950s through 2000s in paper format and from the 1900s through 1930s on microfilm. The more recent reports consist primarily of fungicide test results and reports of the Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program. Post-2005 reports of the Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program are part of the Extension Service Records (RG 111). A comprehensive report and self-study prepared by the department in advance of a special review in 1975 by the Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) describes the department's faculty and staff, facilities, research program, budget, curricula, and students. The microfilmed reports were prepared for submission to the School of Science, Agricultural Experiment Station, or College administration and provide information about academic, research, and extension programs. These include reports on the Herbarium prepared by Helen Gilkey.
Box-Folder 1.3: Fungicide-Bactericide Test Results, 1976-1988
Box-Folder 1.4: Fungicide Test Results, 1989-1992
Box-Folder 1.5: Plant Diseases in Oregon handbook and related correspondence, 1956
Compiled by I.C. MacSwan and C.E. Horner.
Box-Folder 1.6: Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) Special Review, 1975
Box-Folder 1.7: Fruit Disease Management Testing Program, 1993-1994
Box-Folder 1.8: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 1996-1999
Box-Folder 1.9: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2000
Box-Folder 1.10: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2001
Box-Folder 1.11: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2002
Box-Folder 1.12: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2003
Box-Folder 1.13: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2004
Box-Folder 1.14: Fruit and Ornamental Disease Management Program, 2005
Sub-Series 13: Microfilmed Reports, 1908-1936
Reel-Folder 12.4a: College Reports, 1908-1912
Reel-Folder 13.4a: College Reports, 1912-1927
Reel-Folder 13.4b: College Biennial Reports, 1914-1928
Reel-Folder 13.5a: Station Reports, 1910-1934
Reel-Folder 13.5b: Station Biennial Reports, 1918-1936
Reel-Folder 13.6: Miscellaneous Reports
Including grade reports.
Reel-Folder 14.6: Miscellaneous Reports
Including reports from the Herbarium prepared by Helen Gilkey.
Series 4: Teaching Materials, 1923-1924
Series 4 includes lab manuals and course outlines for botany and plant pathology courses taught at Oregon State in the 1920s. The identified authors for two of the items, W.M. Atwood and Charles E. Owens, were department faculty.
Box-Item 1.15: Plants: Their Structures and Functions, Lab Manual for General Botany Course 101, 1923-1924
Box-Item 1.16: Plants: Their Structure, Relationship and Origin, Lab Manual for General Botany Course 102, 1923-1924
Box-Item 1.17: Outline for Course 321, Plant Physiology, W. M. Atwood, 1924
Box-Item 1.18: Principles of Plant Pathology: A Text and Laboratory Manual, Charles E. Owens, 1924
Series 5: Research Project Records, 1958-1966
Series 5 consists of research project records for a nematode sampling project in Coos Bay, Oregon and for Agricultural Experiment Station project 126 on fungicide testing. The records include research data, correspondence, reports, and project outlines.
Box-Folder 1.19: Nematodes, 1966
Records of sampling project in Coos Bay; includes associated descriptions and drawings of nematodes. Photographs assembled as part of project are part of Botany and Plant Pathology Department Photographs (P 075).
Box-Folder 1.20: Fungicide Testing, 1958-1960
Research project records for Agricultural Experiment Station project 126 on testing fungicides for control of tree fruit diseases; includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, progress reports, project outlines, and research data.
Box-Folder 1.21: Fungicide Testing, 1961-1962
Research project records for Agricultural Experiment Station project 126 on testing fungicides for control of tree fruit diseases; includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, progress reports, project outlines, and research data.
Box-Folder 1.22: Fungicide Testing, 1963
Research project records for Agricultural Experiment Station project 126 on testing fungicides for control of tree fruit diseases; includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, progress reports, project outlines, and research data.
Box-Folder 1.23: Fungicide Testing, 1964-1965
Research project records for Agricultural Experiment Station project 126 on testing fungicides for control of tree fruit diseases; includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, progress reports, project outlines, and research data.
Series 6: Publications, circa 1990
Box-Folder 1.24: Publications, circa 1990
Series 6 consists of a booklet about the department for potential undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to degree requirements and courses, it includes profiles of the faculty with their research area and several recent publications.

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