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Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps, 1859-1991

By Finding aid prepared by Anna Stewart and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps, 1859-1991

Predominant Dates: 1905-1975

ID: MAPS Corvallis

Primary Creator: Skelton, Gordon V.

Extent: 2.5 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged in two series: I. Benton County Maps, 1903-1975; and II. Corvallis Maps, 1859-1991.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps include a variety of maps depicting Corvallis and Benton County, including road and street maps, land use and comprehensive planning maps, and plans for city parks. The maps depict roads, parks, schools, public buildings, and natural features. The maps were prepared by numerous organizations and individuals.

Scope and Content Notes

The Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps include a variety of maps depicting Corvallis and Benton County and provide a broad spectrum of information about Corvallis and vicinity. The maps depict changes in the region from the mid-19th century until the early 1990s. About two thirds of the collection consists of maps of Corvallis; the remaining third are of Benton County. The maps depict roads, parks, schools, public buildings, and natural features.

The Benton County maps include road and zoning maps for the county which provide information on highways, city locations, land features, and the locations of many prominent structures. A set of 1913 land ownership maps provide detailed information on surveys and land ownership for the full county.

The Corvallis maps include street maps, city growth and planning maps, maps of public works and the Corvallis water system, and published aerial photography of Corvallis. Of special note are detailed (scale of 1 inch = 100 feet) maps produced in 1971 by the City Public Works Department and master plans for Corvallis city parks prepared in the 1960s.

The maps were prepared by numerous organizations and individuals including the City of Corvallis Public Works Department and other city departments, Benton County, Gordon V. Skelton, and T.J. Starker.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 236 maps; 10 map folders and 1 oversize box

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: These materials were transferred from the Oregon State University Libraries' maps collection to the Special Collections & Archives Research Center in 2014.

Related Materials: Other maps of Corvallis, Oregon, are available in the Oregon State University Campus Maps (MAPS OSUCampus) and the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oregon (MAPS Sanborn). Additional information about the Corvallis watershed, including maps, is available in the E.E. Wilson Papers (MSS WilsonEE). The Camp Adair, Oregon, Maps and Aerial Photographs (MAPS Adair), Metsker's Atlases of Oregon Counties (MAPS Metsker), and Highway Maps of Oregon Counties (MAPS Highway) include other maps of Benton County.

Preferred Citation: Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps (MAPS Corvallis), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Skelton, Gordon V.
Starker, T. J. (Thurman James) (1890-1983)

People, Places, and Topics

Alsea Bay (Or.)--Maps.
Benton County (Or.)
Benton County (Or.)--Maps.
City planning--Oregon--Corvallis.
Corvallis (Or.)--Maps.
Corvallis (Or.). Public Works Department
Land use--Planning.
Local History
Natural Resources
Urban parks--Oregon--Corvallis.
Yaquina Bay (Or.)--Maps.

Forms of Material

Blueline prints.
Land use maps.
Maps (documents)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Benton County Maps, 1903-1975
Series I consists of a variety of maps pertaining to areas in Benton County. The maps provide information on land features, highways, county roads, railroads, and postal routes; many note the locations of churches, schools, sawmills, cemeteries, and other structures. Specialized maps include zoning and planning maps as well as section surveys. Site plans for the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Children's Farm Home north of Corvallis are also included. A map depicting Yaquina and Alsea Bays on the Oregon Coast when that area was part of Benton County is also part of this series.
Extent: 75 sheets

Folder 1: Benton County Land Ownership Maps, 1913
These maps consist of 24 detailed sheets depicting section boundaries and land ownership for Benton County. The majority of these are at scale of 1 inch = 660 feet; an index map is also included.
Extent: 25 sheets

Sub-Series 1: Benton County Maps, 1903-1975
Folder-Item 2.1: Map of Benton County Oregon by JP Huffman, 1903
Two blueline prints.
Extent: 2 copies

Folder-Item 11.1: Map of Benton County Oregon by JP Huffman, 1903
One mylar copy.
Extent: 1 copies

Folder-Item 2.2: Map of Benton County, circa 1900
Folder-Item 2.3: Road Index Map of Benton County, 1927-1950
Includes two copies of the 1944 map and two copies of the 1950 map.
Extent: 6 sheets

Folder-Item 2.4: Metsker's Map of Benton County, circa 1950
Folder-Item 2.5: General Highway Map of Benton County, circa 1952
Folder-Item 2.6: Logging Railroads and Road Index Map of Benton County, 1962-1976
Compiled by T.J. Starker.
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 2.7: Benton County Soils Map, 1920
Folder-Item 2.8: Generalized Land Use, Benton County, 1970
Extent: 2 copies

Folder-Item 3.1: Proposed Zoning Map for Benton County, 1968
Folder-Item 3.2: General Zoning Map of Benton County, 1974
As published in the Corvallis Gazette-Times.
Folder-Item 3.3: Benton County Zoning, 1974
All of Benton County at scale of 1 inch = 2000 feet; includes 6 maps plus legend and guide.
Extent: 8 sheets

Folder-Item 3.4: Benton County Comprehensive Plan, 1974
All of Benton County at scale of 1 inch = 2000 feet; includes 6 maps plus legend and guide.
Extent: 8 sheets

Folder-Item 3.5: Benton County General Zoning Map, 1975
Folder-Item 3.6: Preliminary Community Shelter Program in Benton County, 1967
Includes sheets depicting roadside barriers, the 10-year floodplain, and areas with "excessive steepness or forest cover".
Extent: 4 sheets

Sub-Series 2: Maps of Areas within Benton County, 1930-1972
Folder-Item 3.7: Record of Survey Done in Sections of Township 12 South, Ranges 6 and 7 West, 1972
Folder-Item 3.8: Survey Map of Township 11 South, Range 4 West, circa 1975
Folder-Item 3.9: Survey Map of Township 12 South, Range 5 West, circa 1975
Box-Folder 10.1
Item 1: Map of Yaquina Bay, and Alsea Bay, Benton County, circa 1888
Depicts this area before Lincoln County was established in 1893.
Extent: 2 copies

Item 2: Women's Christian Temperance Union Children's Farm Home Plans, 1930-1934
Includes original plan (1930) and revised plan (1934).
Extent: 5 sheets

Series 2: Corvallis Maps, 1859-1991
Series II includes a variety of maps of Corvallis, Oregon, including general street maps, detailed plans of individual city parks, land use maps and comprehensive plans, and maps of the Corvallis water system. The maps depict roads, houses, schools, parks, and land features in Corvallis and the vicinity. Of special note is a map of the Community Shelter Program for Benton County that provides instructions for response to a nuclear emergency and a map with locations of shelters in Corvallis.
Extent: 161 sheets

Sub-Series 1: Corvallis City Maps, 1859-1991
Folder-Item 11.2: Map of Corvallis, Oregon, circa 1900
One map was encapsulated in two pieces.
Folder-Item 11.3: Map of Corvallis and Surroundings, 1912
Folder-Item 4.1: City of Corvallis, 1925
Compiled from official records by Department of Highway Engineering at Oregon Agricultural College, under supervision of G.V. Skelton. Scale 1 inch = 500 feet.
Folder-Item 4.2: Map of Corvallis, Ore. Compiled by Fred J. Porter, 1933, 1937
A 1920 map is dated as 1920 by G.V. Skelton and is available in folder 11.
Extent: 1 sheet

Folder-Item 11.4: Map of Corvallis, Ore. Compiled by Fred J. Porter, 1920
Maps dated circa 1933 and circa 1937 are available in folder 4.
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 4.3: Corvallis and Vicinity Special Map, 1941
Compiled by the Engineer Unit, ROTC, Oregon State College. Scale 1:10,000 with contour intervals of 5 and 10 feet.
Extent: 3 sheets

Folder-Item 4.4: Chamber of Commerce Map of Corvallis and Vicinity, 1953-1976
Extent: 13 sheets

Folder-Item 4.5: Community Shelter Program for Benton County, 1968
Includes instructions for response to a nuclear emergency and a map with locations of shelters in Corvallis.
Folder-Item 5.1: Corvallis Area Map, 1968
Scale 1 inch = 1000 feet; shows location of proposed Walnut Boulevard.
Folder-Item 5.2: City of Corvallis Engineering Department Street Map, 1968-1974
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 5.3: Corvallis Area and Vicinity, 1975-1983
Prepared by the Oregon State Highway Division.
Extent: 3 sheets

Folder-Item 5.4: Corvallis Area and Vicinity, circa 1975
Metsker Map Company.
Extent: 2 copies

Folder-Item 5.5: Corvallis Existing and Future Bikeways, 1974
Folder-Item 5.6: Precinct and Ward Boundaries, 1974
Folder-Item 5.7: Corvallis Urban Area Map, 1976
Folder-Item 5.8: Pittmon's Map of Corvallis, Oregon, 1978
Prepared by Oregon Department of Transportation.
Folder-Item 5.9: City of Corvallis, 1983
Shows areas annexed to city in 1853, 1896, 1909, and 1953. Prepared by CHS (Corvallis High School?) Drafting.
Box-Folder 10.1
Item 3: Town of Marysville Map, 1859
Reproduction of 1891 copy of 1859 plat map.
Item 4: G.V. Skelton Map of Corvallis, 1905
Extent: 2 copies

Item 5: Map of West Corvallis, 1909
Item 6: Map of Corvallis, 1925-1942
Two copies of circa 1925 map and one copy of 1942 map.
Extent: 3 sheets

Item 7: Map of the City of Corvallis and Vicinity, 1950
Compliments of Corvallis' new car dealers; map shows locations of dealerships.
Item 8: Citizens Bank of Corvallis Map, 1963-1976
Includes 1963, 1968, and 1976 maps.
Extent: 3 sheets

Item 9: Corvallis Voting Precinct Map, 1971
Item 10: Corvallis Area Bikeways, 1982-1991
Extent: 2 sheets

Sub-Series 2: Corvallis Maps with Aerial Photography, 1942-1977
Folder-Item 6.1: Photomap of Corvallis and Vicinity, 1957
Aerial photograph with names of streets and geographic features. Published by Tscheu Publishing Company.
Folder-Item 6.2: City of Corvallis, 1969
Scale 1 inch = 400 feet. Compiled from photographs made in 1967 and 1969. Prepared by City of Corvallis Public Works Department.
Extent: 4 sheets

Folder-Item 6.3: Corvallis, Oregon, Quadrangle Orthophotograph, 1975
Published by U.S. Geological Survey; 1:24,000 scale.
Box-Folder 10.1
Item 11: Corvallis #2 and #3 Orthoquadrangles, 1942
Extent: 2 sheets

Item 12: Corvallis and Vicinity Photo Map, 1977
Aerial photograph with streets printed as overlay.
Sub-Series 3: Water System and Public Works Maps, 1892-1972
Folder-Item 7.1: City of Corvallis Municipal Watershed, 1972
Forest cover type map; scale 1 inch = 1000 feet.
Folder-Item 7.2: Contour Map of Corvallis Watershed, 1944
By V.L. Goodnight, City Engineer.
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 11.5: Map of Corvallis Showing Pipe Lines, Water Works, and Sewerage Systems, 1892
Folder-Item 7.3: General Plan of Corvallis Water System, 1959-1971
Extent: 2 sheets

Box-Folder 10.1
Item 13: Existing Distribution System and Proposed Improvements, 1958
Sub-Series 4: Corvallis Growth and Planning Maps, 1889-1974
Folder-Item 7.4: City of Corvallis Annexation Map, 1971-1974
Shows extent of original town of Marysville and land annexed in 1857, 1891, 1909, and annually between 1950 and 1971.
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 7.5: Land Use Plan of Corvallis, 1961
Folder-Item 7.6: Zoning Map of Corvallis Oregon, 1966-1973
Extent: 4 sheets

Folder-Item 7.7: Property of Mr. Walter K. Taylor, Corvallis, 1927
Scale 1 inch = 200 feet; prepared by E. Clair Heilman, Landscape Architect. Shows location of new high school.
Box-Folder 10.1
Item 14: Map of Job's Additions to Corvallis, 1889
Reproduction made after 1900.
Item 15: Sketch Illustrating Growth of Corvallis from 1935 to 1965, 1965
Item 16: Long Range Master Plan for Corvallis, 1945
Item 17: 1965 Comprehensive Plan of Corvallis, 1964
Item 18: Corvallis Area Transportation Study, 1969
Extent: 2 sheets

Item 19: Site of Proposed High School, 1933
Box-Item 8.1 - 9.1: Public Works Department City of Corvallis Plans, 1971
These detailed maps (at scale of 1 inch = 100 feet and contour interval of 2 feet) depict buildings and structures, vegetation, driveways, private and public roads, creeks, and natural features. An index map is included with the set. The maps were prepared from aerial photography made in the late 1960s-early 1970s.
Extent: 66 sheets

Sub-Series 5: Corvallis City Parks Master Plans, 1960-1973
These maps provide detailed design information for many city parks in Corvallis. They depict vegetation, picnic areas, trail systems, and parking areas within each park as well as information specific to each park. Many of these maps are at a scale of 1 inch = 100 feet; several are as detailed as 1 inch = 20 feet.
Folder-Item 9.2: Parks of Corvallis, 1971
Folder-Item 9.3: Master Plan and Grading Plan for Arnold Park, 1971
Folder-Item 9.4: Preliminary Study for Avery Park, 1960
Extent: 2 sheets

Folder-Item 9.5: General Layout for the Avery Park Master Plan, 1971
Folder-Item 9.6: A Revised Planting for Central Park, 1965
Folder-Item 9: A Master Plan Study for the Garfield School Grounds, 1967
Folder-Item 9.7: A Study for Development of John F. Porter Park, 1969
Folder-Item 9.8: A Master Plan Study for Pioneer Park, 1968
Folder-Item 9.9: Master Development Plan for Pioneer Boat Ramp, 1973
Folder-Item 9.10: Play Apparatus Layout for South Corvallis Park, undated
Folder-Item 9.11: A Preliminary Plan for Sunset Park, 1965
Folder-Item 9.12: A Proposed Plan for Walnut Park, 1968
Folder-Item 9.13: General Layout for the Willamette Master Plan, 1961

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