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Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection, 1896-1979

By Finding aid prepared by Lawrence A. Landis; updated by Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection, 1896-1979

Predominant Dates: 1925-1965

ID: P 046

Primary Creator: Henderson, Robert W. (Robert Wesley) (1914-2006)

Extent: 0.35 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The collection consists of one series: I. Faculty and Staff Photographs, 1896-1979.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection consists primarily of individual portraits and group photographs of faculty and staff employed by Oregon State University.

Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Scope and Content Notes

The Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection consists primarily of individual portraits and group photographs of faculty and staff employed by Oregon State University. Most of the portraits are small photograph prints that were removed from original employment applications submitted in the 1930s through 1950s; many of these were taken by Hise Studio in Corvallis. Other photographs in the collection depict individuals with a close relationship to Oregon State, including Oregon governors and members of the Oregon Agricultural College Board of Regents. Most of the individuals are identified. Some of the images depict faculty or staff in laboratories, offices, or outdoors.

Of special note are several late 1890s and early 1900s images of bicyclists, including two images of four Oregon Agricultural College faculty who bicycled from California to Oregon in the summer of 1896.

The collection includes photographs by Hise Studio, R.W. Henderson, as well as other photographers in Oregon and elsewhere in the United States. Most of the photographs are individually numbered (P046:001 thru P046:435). Six unidentified images are not individually numbered.

The collection consists primarily of b/w prints (424), but also includes 28 film negatives, 10 nitrate negatives, 4 color prints, and 1 color slide.

Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 467 photographs; 3 boxes, including 1 oversize box

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: Most of the photographs were acquired by the Archives in the 1960s and 1970s.

Related Materials: Many other photographs of Oregon State faculty and staff members are part of the News and Communications Services Photograph Collection (P 057), President's Office Photographs (P 092), Media Servies Photoraphs Collection (P 119), Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection (P 120), Harriet's Photograph Collection (P HC) and many other collections in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center holdings. The Robert W. Henderson Papers (MSS Henderson) and the Robert W. Henderson Photograph Collection (P 098) include the bulk of the photographs taken by Henderson during his Oregon State years.

Preferred Citation: Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection (P 046), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Henderson, Robert W. (Robert Wesley) (1914-2006)
Hise Studio

People, Places, and Topics

Oregon Agricultural College--Faculty.
Oregon State College--Faculty.
Oregon State University--Faculty.
Universities and colleges--Oregon--Corvallis--Employees.
University History

Forms of Material

Film negatives.
Nitrate negatives.
Photographic prints.
Slides (photographs).

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Faculty and Staff Photographs, 1896-1979
Series I consists photographs of Oregon State faculty and staff and other individuals affiliated with the institution. The faculty or staff member's department is provided for many of the images. The photographer or photographic studio is also listed when known.
Box 1
Item P046:001: Unidentified associate professor of Oceanography and English instructor Irene Butts, circa 1965
Gazette-Times photo.
Item P046:002: Helen Conover, circa 1965
Gazette-Times photo.
Item P046:003: Russ Curtice, Chemistry
4th in front row
Item P046:004: AAUW Book Sale, circa 1965
Gazette-Times photo. Vera Stover, AAUW President; Louise Milligan, OSU Library; Delores Martin, OSU Library
Item P046:005: Dairy and Animal Husbandry group, circa 1930
Photo by Heaton and Gifford, Portland. Ira Gabrielsen; Miller (son of H.B.); Paul Maris; U.S. Burt; William L. Teutsch; John C. Burtner; Edwin Russel Jackman; G.H. Wilster; P.M. Brandt.
Item P046:006: Faculty group, 1940
front row (l-r): William Donald Wilkinson; James Williams Ferguson; unidentified; Helen Gilkey; Garland Marie Powell; unidentified; Francois A. Gilfillan; Ira Shimmin Allison; William R. (?) Varner; W.E. Milne; Fred Buckner Morgan; Glen Chase Ware. Second row (l-r): George Alfred Williams; Williabald Weniger; Nathan Fasten; Don Carlos Mate; Williams Evans Lawrence; unidentified; Ernest John Dornfeld; John Lynn Osborn; unidentified; Herman Scullen; Walter Beno Bollen; John Fulton
Item P046:007: Herman Scullen (r) and two identified men, circa 1940
Item P046:008: Howard F. Bigelow
Item P046:009: Raymond W. Coleman
Item P046:010: Helen Mitchell
Item P046:011: Katherine M. Alderman
President of American Home Economics Association
Item P046:012: Glenn Pitcher
Item P046:013: H.D. Dietrich
Item P046:014: Gladys Swarthout, 1939
Item P046:015: Jean Millicent
Item P046:016: Dr. & Mrs. D. Sinitsin
Item P046:017: Mac Collins
Photo by Bachrach.
Item P046:018: Gerhart Reger
Photo by Heinz, New York.
Item P046:019: W.L. Durand, 1937
Photo by Underwood & Underwood, Washington.
Item P046:020: Judge Alexis deBoer
Photo by Underwood & Underwood, Washington.
Item P046:021: Science group, 1955
Fourth row: Royal Dee Barbour; Melvin LaVerne; Joseph Thomas Holboke; Lawrence Edwin; Lindon Richard Watson; Richard Paul Ringle; Carl Widmer; David Dolph Nyberg; Paul Alan Kitos; Richardson; George Vance Gritton; Patrick Gordon Olafsson; Michael Duncan; Ronald Jene; Tyler Sylvester; Elwell Hachiro Kawasako; Robert Lewis Dunning. Third row: Samuel Robert Breshears; Paul Herbert; Jack Metro Pakulak Jr.; James Eugene; Ray Locke McDonald; Donald James Reed; Ernest Hodgson; Fred Charles Hardtke; Jerzy Josef; Hubert Joseph; Arthur Madison Imel; Donald Ernest Chittick. First row: Claude Conrad; Harry J. Morgan; Charles S. Pease; William Elmer Caldwell; Ervin Fredrick Kurth; Tsoo E. King; Harry Freund; Allen Brewster Scott; Raymond Edward Parsons; Earl C. Gilbert; Vernon Cheldelin; Butts; Christensen; Wendell H. Slabaugh; Hamit Darwin. Bottom row(sitting on ground): Conrad V. Hatch; Burton Frank Pease; Richard Harold Siegel; Edmund Kubeck; Dennis Lloyd Kryzaniak; Wilber Vance Johnson; Roger Keith Ray; Laurus Lehwalder; Robert Burrow Melvin; Russell Lagrange Jolley; Everett Duane Baker; Edward Samuel Becker; John James Keetch
Item P046:022: Rook reception receiving line, circa 1950
Dean E.B. Lemon; Mrs. Lemon; Dr. A.L. Strand (on right); Mrs. Strand
Extent: 2 prints

Item P046:023-P046:024: Bernice Band
Assistant Professor of Home Economics
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P046:026: Ervin E. Barklow
Extent: 1 print, 3 film negatives, and 1 nitrate negative

Item P046:027-P046:028: Hubert Capps
Chemistry Dept.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P046:029-P046:030: Bob Glenn, 1935
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P046:031: Robert A. Osborn
Chemistry Dept.
Item P046:039: Group in front of Commerce Building, circa 1928
Dr. William J. Kerr (first row right); James K. Weatherford (second row right); Poling (front row left).
Item P046:040: Faculty Ladies Riding Class which performed at Pendleton Round-Up, 1924
Includes Mrs. Batcheller (far left); Helen Moore; and Lula May Brandt. Photo used in Oregonian, May 1924. Image is available online.
Item P046:041: William J. Bones, on burro, 1917
Hydrometric Engineer and Rep. of Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Item P046:042-P046:044: Clifford Maser, circa 1960
At Western States Dairy Convention.
Item P046:045: Clifford Maser, circa 1955
At banquet in Salem. Photo by Steimonts Studio, Salem.
Item P046:046: Faculty and students, including cadets, with Benton Hall in background, 1916
Includes correspondence and related documentation pertaining to the photograph.
Extent: 3 prints, including one oversize

Item P046:047: Cyrus Hall McCormick, undated
Inventor of first successful reaper; McCormick lived 1809-1884. This is a photograph of painted portrait of McCormick.
Item P046:048: Dr. Glenn A. Bakkum, circa 1950
Item P046:049: LeVerne H. "Kip" Taylor, circa 1950
Item P046:050: Clifford Maser, circa 1950
Dean of School of Business & Technology. Image is available online.
Item P046:051: Dr. John Granville Jensen, 1950
In cartography lab, Professor of Geography.
Item P046:052: Ralph B. Colby, circa 1950
Item P046:053: Dean Francois A. Gilfillan, circa 1950
Inspecting spectrograph
Item P046:054: Dr. Rosalind Wulzen, circa 1950
Item P046:055: Laurence E. Darlington
Assistant Dean of Men.
Item P046:056: G.E. Grossen
Item P046:057: Frederick Earl Price
Item P046:058: Dan Poling, Dean of Men, and Bob Perrin
Item P046:059: W.L. Teutsch, Helen Cowgill and W.A. Schoenfeld, 1944
4-H Club 30th year; print available as P046:122.
Extent: negative

Item P046:060-P046:062: 4-H leaders, 1937
Harry C. Seymour; Leonard J. Allen; Helen Cowgill.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P046:063: Dallas M. Norton
Item P046:064: Lt. Col. Rex Beach
Head of Air Force ROTC.
Item P046:065: William H. Carlson
Library Director.
Item P046:066: Lester Kirkendall
Item P046:067: George M. Robertson
Business Manager.
Item P046:068: Robert R. Reichart
Item P046:069: Clifford E. Maser
Dean of School of Business & Technology. Image is available online.
Item P046:070: William A. Schoenfeld
Item P046:071: William A. Schoenfeld
Extent: 2 prints

Item P046:072: Frank L. Ballard
Item P046:073: Frederick Earl Price
Dean of Agriculture.
Item P046:074: Delmer M. Goode
Item P046:075: E.B. Lemon, Clyde M. Jensen, and August L. Strand, circa 1948
Item P046:076: Paul M. Dunn
Item P046:077: William H. Carlson
Item P046:078: George Crossen
Dean of Pharmacy.
Item P046:079: Roy S. "Spec" Keene
Athletic Director; looking over a model of Gill Coliseum.
Item P046:080: Ava B. Milam
Dean of Home Economics.
Item P046:081: Dallas Norton
Item P046:082: Franklin R. Zeran
Assoc. Dean of Education.
Item P046:083: Paul X. Knoll
Speech Professor and chair of Student Life Commitee.
Item P046:084-P046:085: Guy Stover
Campus Marshal.
Item P046:086: Ralph Colby
With violin.
Item P046:087: E.B. Lemon and Clyde M. Jensen, circa 1948
Item P046:088: Daniel T. Ordeman, Registrar, and Eva Blackwell check over a student application
Item P046:089: August L. Strand, 1951
Item P046:090: August L. Strand, Jim Convil (Corvallis City Manager) and John H. Gallagher Jr. on diesel-electric locomotive, 1951
Item P046:091: Ernest H. Wiegand, circa 1950s
Item P046:092: H.S. Hammond
Weed and range specialist at O.A.C.
Item P046:093: Elizabeth Currie
Jullundivi City, India
Item P046:094: Unidentified; Clifford Elges Maser; Dr. Daniel Thomas and Major Edward Christopher Allworth
Item P046:095: W. James Jennings Walsh, 1937
In cap and gown.
Item P046:096: W. James Jennings Walsh, circa 1965
In cap and gown.
Item P046:097: John H. Luihn, circa 1925
Photo by Steffens-Colmer Studio.
Item P046:098: Group photo, circa 1935
Rotary Club (?); sStanding (l-r): Theodore Cramer, H.P. Doleman, Joe Booth, Edward Allworth, Ed Oakland, Jim Gallagher, J.F. Brumbaugh, Dr. Fortner, Noel Bennion, Lester Oehler, Mike Simmons, Percy Locey, Fred Shideler, Guy Gordon, Clair Langton, Frank Albright. Seated (l-r): O.H. Cornell, Ralph Coleman, Charles V. "Bo" Ruzek, E.E. Wilson, A.L. "Lon" Steiner, Bob Johnson, Johnson, F.M. Hunter, Waldo Ball, Jess Hanson, John Henry Reardon, Sven Johnson, Lee Bennett, Amory T. "Slats" Gill, Ermine Lawrecne Potter, Oran M. Nelson.
Item P046:099: Group photo, circa 1940
Waldport Group, Rotary Club (?); front row: Fred Shideler, R.M. Peffer, Ralph Coleman, Perzy Locey, John Conlin, unidentified. Second row: Mike Simmons, Fred Furst, M.K. Myers, Paul Petri, Wade Fortner, Ray DeMoss, Oran Nelson, William Messer, Dwight Kessey, O.H. Cornell, Jess Hanson, Noel Bennion, Dallas Norton, unidentified, Tatum, C.V. Ruzek, Waldo M. Ball, unidentified. Third row: Cleo Jenkins, Glenn Holcomb, William Harper, Ed Albertson, Dixe Doleman, Amory T. Gill, B. Glenn, J.F. Brumbaugh, E.E. Wilson, G. Frank Albright, W.T. Johnson. Fourth row: G.V. Copson, Jay Reynolds, Edward Allworth, Vance Taylor, Paul Dunn, Guy Jordon, Joe Hollingsworth, Jack Brandis. Image is available online.
Item P046:100: Rotary Club, circa 1940
Item P046:103: E.E. Wilson with bicycle, circa 1899
In yard of Wilson residence; Administration Building (Benton Hall) and Chemistry Building in background.
Item P046:104: Battleship Oregon Bike Trip, summer 1896
Bicycle trip to San Francisco; Edward G. Emmett, John F. Fulton, D.W. Trine, Fred L. Kent. P046:104 probably taken before trip.
Extent: 1 print

Item P046:106: Battleship Oregon Bike Trip, summer 1896
Bicycle trip to San Francisco; Edward G. Emmett, John F. Fulton, D.W. Trine, Fred L. Kent. P046:106 probably taken after trip.
Extent: 3 prints

Item P046:105: Bicyclers stopped on country road to Cardwell Hill, 1901
Helen Holgate, Dr. Lester, Martha Avery Fulton, Helen Fulton (2 years old), and John Fulton.
Item P046:107-P046:109: William Jasper Kerr, circa 1925
Portrait photos by Ball Studio, Corvallis.
Item P046:110: Don Johnson, Ed Woodcock, Father Neville, Art Lowe, Bob Ingalls, and Dick Hanson
Item P046:111: Honor Society
Item P046:112: Leaf sweepers, 1944
Two unidentified retired faculty members.
Extent: print and negative

Item P046:113-P046:115: Consumers Conference, circa 1950
Unidentified participants; photographs by OSC News Bureau.
Item P046:116: Dedication of Food Technology Building, February 4, 1952
Bear (architect), H.A. Bork, Leif Finseth, Kleinsorge, unidentified, Richard Adams, Ernest Wiegand, Charles Bryne, E.B. Aldrich
Item P046:117: Retail Merchants Officers, circa 1927
J.A. Bexell, third from right. Image is available online.
Item P046:118: Leona Peavy
Item P046:119: E.M. Flarida
Item P046:120: OAC football team, College officials, and others, November 1928
After team's return from defeating New York University. Includes: Dr. William J. Kerr, Jim Dixon, Baker (Mayor of Portland), James K. Weatherford, James J. Richardson, Charles L. Stidd, Arnold Kuhnhausen, Howard Maple, Quentin Greenough, and Paul Schissler (football coach).
Item P046:121: Pres. A.L. Strand, Gordon Gilkey (right) and an unidentified man and woman
Standing beside art collection and sign that reads, "'The Miss S.J. Evans Memorial Collection of Original Japanese Prints' Presented to Oregon State College by the Trustees of Her Estate".
Item P046:122: W.L. Teutsch, Helen Cowgill and W.A. Schoenfeld, 1944
4-H Club 30th year; negative available at P046:059.
Item P046:123: Members of the Planning Committee for the Second Annual Institute for Town and Country Churches
William L. Teutsch, E.W. Warrington, Father John J. Reedy, Rev. J.P. Moberg, Rev. Charles S. Neville, Rev. Mark A. Chamberlin, Glenn A. Bakkum, Mrs. L.A. McClintock, Rev. O.L. Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wickland, Rev. Gilbert Christian
Item P046:124: OSEA Chapter 72 meeting, October 1965
Photo by R.W. Henderson; includes Russell Maddox, Dana F. Clark, Carl Groth, Al Roberts, Tom Enright, Paul Bernier, Mrs. Bernice Andrews, Arnold Appleby, and Ho Ya Yang.
Item P046:125-P046:135: Ed Yunker's party, 1965
Physics Department.
Item P046:136-P046:137: Charles Elmer Owens
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:138: Portrait photograph of unidentified man, circa 1940
5x7 copy negative of original portrait photograph and 2 copy prints
Item P046:139: William M. Jardine
Item P046:140: OAC Board of Regents, 1901
(l-r) William E. Yates, John E. Olwell, William Keady, B.G. Leedy, J.K. Weatherford, Benjamin F. Irvine, F.I. Dunbar, John D. Daly, J.M. Church, Governor T.T. Geer, J.T. Apperson
Item P046:141: Charles H. Martin, 1935
Photo by Gunnell & Robb Studio, Salem.
Item P046:142: James Withycombe, circa 1915
On horseback, Governor of Oregon, 1915-1919. Image is available online.
Item P046:143: Faculty Men's Club dinner, 1950
President A.L. Strand, Earl Willey (president, 1950), G.V. Copson, and M. Ellwood Smith.
Item P046:144: Officers of the Agricultural Experiment Station, 1967
(l-r) John Heggarn (accountant), William Sandine (asst. director), Wilson Foote (asst. director), G. Burton Wood (director), Ralph Solum (fiscal offiver), Howard Horton (asst. to the director), Robert Henderson (asst. director)
Item P046:145: John Ward and Chih Wang, 1967
Photo by Robert W. Henderson.
Extent: color print

Item P046:146: A.S. Rosenwald in laboratory, circa 1935
Extent: 2 nitrate negatives

Item P046:147: P.C. Jorgensen, circa 1935
"Absorbing California sunshine" standing in front of cactus.
Item P046:148: Unidentified woman, circa 1957
Dressed in late 19th century period dress for Corvallis Centennial; photo by Ball Studio
Item P046:149: Martha Avery Fulton, circa 1957
Dressed in late 19th century period dress for Corvallis Centennial; photo by Ball Studio
Item P046:150: Gertrude Strickland, 1947
Photo by Hise Studio.
Extent: 2 prints

Item P046:151: Howard (Mrs.?), circa 1957
Woman dressed in late 19th century period dress for Corvallis Centennial; photo by Ball Studio.
Item P046:152: Dean Franklin R. Zeran and three others, 1965
Item P046:153: Herb Kerrshaw and unidentified
Item P046:154: Group of 5 unidentified teachers
Item P046:155: Filibert Roth
Item P046:156: C. Schmidt, circa 1957
Woman dressed in late 19th century period dress for Corvallis Centennial; photo by Ball Studio.
Item P046:157: Frances Jensen
Two views; one of child and the other of adult.
Item P046:158: Tom Graf, 1945
Working in photography lab.
Item P046:159: Margaret C. Snell, circa 1908
Original portrait print and copy print.
Item P046:160: Emile F. Pernot
Item P046:161: Rizpah Anna Douglass, 1949
Josephine County Extension Agent.
Item P046:162-P046:163: Mrs. Elizabeth R. Childs, 1942-1944
English Department
Item P046:164: Evan Keith Gibson, 1947
English Department
Item P046:165: Ronald Gibson Coffey, 1958
Biochemistry Department
Item P046:166: Elveda Smith, 1963
Home Economics
Item P046:167: Evan Keith Gibson, 1947
English Department
Item P046:168: Ralph Willard Peterson, 1959
Speech Department
Item P046:169: H.P.C. Nielsen, 1947
Buttermaker in OSC Creamery.
Item P046:170: Glenn Bakkum
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:171: Louise Jackman Orner
Secretarial Science Department; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:172: Katherine Read
Home Economics; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:173: Gladys Dawson Chambers, October 1942
Psychology Department
Item P046:174: Maryori Stone
Item P046:175: J. Goldman
Item P046:176: Reid Rosebaugh
Item P046:177: James Gassler (Jossler?)
Photo by Hise Studio
Item P046:178: Mr. Traver
OSC Alumni Association
Item P046:179: Dr. Atkinson, 1929
Item P046:180-P046:181: Sigma Xi Luncheon at Phi Kappa Phi Biology Colloquium, March 4, 1939
Item P046:182: Phi Kappa Phi Biology Colloquium, March 4, 1939
Item P046:183: Lin E. Harris
Farm Crops Department
Item P046:184: Ernest H. Wiegand
Food Science and Technology Department
Item P046:185: H.W. Schultz
Item P046:186: Hubert E. Cosby
Head of Poultry Science Department from 1936 to 1945.
Item P046:187: Col. Henry C. Demuth
Item P046:188: Larren L. Jones
Item P046:189: R.H. Williams
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:190: H.E. Liebe
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:191: D.W. Nance
Item P046:192: Bill Bryan
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:193: Capt. H.A. Smith
Item P046:194: Theodore H. Spring
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:195: B.B. Ridge
Item P046:196: Capt. David S. Roginson
Item P046:197: J.L. Sloan
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:198: McDonald
Item P046:199: W.R. Wright
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:200: Sgt. James Demith
Item P046:201: W.O. Cox
Item P046:202: Leslie Anderson
Item P046:203: Capt. H.K. Bailey
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:204: Baker
Item P046:205: Hollis Beasley
Home Economics
Item P046:206: Billie Robinson
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:207: Lt. J.H. Blodgett
Item P046:208: John Bond
Engineering; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:209: E.L. Boyce
Science; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:210: Edwin F. Carlson
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:211: P.L. Cole
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:212: John M. Conway
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:213: June Crane
Item P046:214: J. Crockett
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:215: Master Sgt. LeRoy Dreis
Item P046:216: J.A. Force
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:217: Capt. C.S. Freed
Item P046:218: Gearhart
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:219: John F. Guinn
Item P046:220: J.R. Hardison
Photo by Hise Studio. Image is available online.
Item P046:221: Lee Harter
Item P046:222: L.A. Harvey
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:223: G.L. Hayes
Item P046:224: J.M. Jackson
General Extension - KOAC; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:225: Master Sgt. E.W. Johnson
Item P046:226: D.J. Koebrick
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:227: William Lutz
Item P046:228: J. Meyer
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:229: Lt. Col. R.L. Murray
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:230: Lt. Col. R.L. Ostermeier
Item P046:231: Col. N.G. Reyonlds
Item P046:232: W.P. Schroeder
Science; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:233: Maj. G.I. Utterback
Item P046:234: G.P. Wetterborg
Science; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:235: Harvey H. Yaeger
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:236: Dr. Williams
Item P046:237: Maud Wilson
Home economics and Agricultural Experiment Station; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:238: Vera Brandon
Home Economics
Item P046:239: William E. Schoenfeld Dean of Agriculture and A.B. Cordley, Dean Emeritus
Item P046:240: Dean J.A. Bexell, Dean H.V. Hoyt, Dean William E. Schoenfeld, and Dean Emeritus A.B. Cordley
Item P046:241: Betty Lynd Thompson
Physical Education for Women; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:242: John F. Engle
Item P046:243: Amos Wilbur Bierly, 1940
Item P046:244: Ira S. Allison, 1947
Science. Image is available online.
Item P046:245: Donald Dorrance Curran
Food Science and Techonology. Image is available online.
Item P046:246: Delmar Isaac Allman
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:247: Ida Hilbers
Assistant Catalog Librarian
Item P046:248: Dorothy Gatton
Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Department
Item P046:249: Ruth Lucille Rees, 1955
Item P046:250: C.O. Heath, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Two views; one photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:251: John G. Mingle, Jr.
Mechanical Engineering
Item P046:252-P046:253: William Langan
Item P046:254: John Carl Campbell
Item P046:255: Laura M. Cleveland
Photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:262: Marie Diedesch
Textile and Related Arts Department; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:265: Earl LeRoy Packard
Item P046:266: Dean Franklin R. Zeran with unidentified group
Item P046:267: Irwin Harris
Item P046:268: Educational Acitivities, circa 1939
Kate Jameson, Percy Locey, U.G. Dubach, Paul Petri, C.B. Mitchell, W.A. Jensen, Fred Shideler. See 1939 Beaver, p. 294
Item P046:269: Kasesart University, Thailand, circa 1956
A.L. Strand, F.E. Price, Roland Dimick, Jess Parker, Austin Water, George W. Gleason, Jack Hunderup, Ira Allison, G. Burton Wood, W.E. Caldwell, Jeff Rodgers
Item P046:270: Henry Hansen (left) with two unidentified men at a conference
Item P046:271: Hugo Krueger
Item P046:272: Kendell Gene Woodward, circa 1940
Photo by Max Brunson Studio.
Item P046:273: Rolan Scott, 1938
Item P046:274: Roy A. Young, September 1947
Item P046:275: Donald M. Woods, 1926
Item P046:276: Lemuel D. Wright, 1937
Item P046:277: John L. Weibel, 1950
Item P046:278: Jack Dalton Tiner, April 1944
Item P046:279: Alvin C. Warnick, September 1949
Item P046:280: Ethel May (Sandy) Thomas, 1948
Item P046:281: Fred Marion Tileston, 1949
Item P046:282: James Frederick Sullivan, 1948
Item P046:283: Edward Donald Stoddard, January 1943
Item P046:284: John R. Schubert, 1948
Item P046:285: John Otto Schnautz, May 1941
Item P046:286: Charles W. Peters, 1946
Item P046:287: John George Kilian, March 1955
Item P046:288: Idwal Ralph Jones, 1925
Item P046:289: Melvin Roscoe Johnston, 1949
Item P046:290: Donald Edward Jewell, circa 1949
Item P046:291: Ralph Archibald Ingalls, 1943
Item P046:292: Edgar Andrew Hyer and family, 1947
Item P046:293: Edgar Andrew Hyer, 1947
Item P046:294: A.E. Engbretsom, 1942
Item P046:295: Carl Robert Howarth, 1938
Item P046:296: Kenneth Clayton Minnick, 1939
Item P046:297: Vernon William Olney, 1941
Item P046:298: Albert William Marsh
Item P046:299: Wilmer Abele Meyle
Item P046:300: Thomas Blaney Niven, 1945
Item P046:301: Dorothy L.R. Moore, 1942
Item P046:302: A. Laverne McWhirter, 1941
Item P046:303: Robert W. Henderson, 1946
Item P046:304: Joe B. Johnson, 1947
Item P046:305: Ruth L. Hilborn, 1945
Item P046:306: John William Osebold, 1949
Item P046:307: George Arthur Richardson, 1947
Item P046:308: Arnold Samuel Rosenwald, 1937
Item P046:309: Murray W. Rosenthal, 1942
Item P046:310: James C. Lewis, 1940
Item P046:311: Kuo-Chin Lu, 1943
Food Technology Department
Item P046:312: Ralph N. Lunde, 1929
Item P046:313: Leon Wolfe Margolin, 1944
Photo by Hollander & Feldman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Item P046:314: James T. Jardine
Photo by Bachrach.
Item P046:315: Arland R. Meade, 1947
Item P046:316: James T. Jardine
Item P046:317: Touring Japanese food mission, 1956
Viewed some new wheat varieties being developed at Oregon State College. Seated from left: Wanihiko Hasegawa, managing director, Nippon Flour Milling Co.; Akio Maru, executive director, Nishin Flour Milling Co.; Buichi Oishi, vice minister of agriculture and forestry; Nobuo Kuwahara, chief, 2nd operation division food ministry; Ryoichi Sugama, Oregon Wheat Growers league assistant in Japan; and Dr. D. D. Hill, head of Farm Crops at Oregon State College. Standing (left) F. E. Price, dean and director of agriculture, OSC; Wilson Foote, research agronomist, OSC; Dick Baum, Oregon Wheat Growers league; and Jack Ross, extension farm crops specialist, OSC. Image is available online.
Item P046:318: Retirement Field Day, Astor Branch Experiment Station, June 17, 1964
F.E. Price, unidentified Astoria woman, Herbert Badollet Howell, Mrs. H.B. Howell, Harold Ewalt
Item P046:319: William Alfred Schoenfeld, 1931-1959
Extent: 6 prints

Item P046:320: Frederick Earl Price, 1927-1965
Photos by R.W. Henderson (color print), Hise Studio, and unidentified photographers.
Extent: 16 b/w prints, 8 b/w negatives, and 1 color print

Item P046:321: Otto A. Schuck, 1963
Photo by R.W. Henderson.
Extent: 2 prints

Item P046:322: ARS directors, ca. 1965
(l-r) Dick Hensel, Lyle Hammock, Ralph Besse, Wilson Foote, R.L. Clark, F.E. Price, Marion Weatherford, Walter Leth
Item P046:323: Doris Ransom, 1952
Photo by Naiman's Studio.
Item P046:324: Hadrup Thorkel Jensen, 1949
Item P046:325: George Hammond Hunter, 1957
Photo by Levill Studio.
Item P046:326: Helen J. Hotson, 1926
Assistant in Library Reference Department
Item P046:327: Almira (Myra) Eittreim Jones
Item P046:328-P046:329: Samuel E. Keeton, circa 1942
Dressed for guard duty and maneuvers in Louisiana.
Item P046:330: Donald Grant Slave, 1950
Item P046:331: Esther Allen, 1936
Item P046:332: Francis Stephen Allen, 1946
Item P046:333: Clarice M. Barker, May 1953
Item P046:334: Josephine Halverson, 1930
Item P046:335: Thomas Buckman, 1953
Item P046:336: Dora H. Castelo, 1944
In WAAC uniform.
Item P046:337: Robert Olaf Fetvedt, 1952
Item P046:338: Margaret M. Field, 1931
Item P046:339: B. Townsley, 1948
Photo by Lee.
Item P046:340: William B. Richardson, Jr., 1958
Item P046:341: Ruth Cole, 1932
Item P046:342: Donald F. Fuller, 1948
Item P046:343: Dawn L. Bates Shreve, July 1946
Item P046:344: Ann Messick, May 1933
Item P046:345: Marvin Elmer Melick, 1951
Photo by Earl's Studio, St. Peter, Minnesota.
Item P046:346: Margaret MacNair, 1935
Item P046:347: Ruth M. Heiss, May 1936
Item P046:348: Catherine A. Garrett, 1947
Photo by Skoglund, Fremont, Nebraska.
Item P046:349: Ruth Caroline Kruger, 1937
Item P046:350: Robert Eugene McGuire, September 1952
Item P046:351: Mary Elizabeth Morris, 1936
Item P046:352: Arthur Henry Priddy, 1951
Item P046:353: Roberta Orr Nelson, circa 1940
Item P046:354: Arlene N. Rudash, 1956
Photo by Terry Lasky Photography, Los Angeles.
Item P046:355: Rose M. Rotchy, 1924
Item P046:356: Benton F. Scheide, February 1949
Item P046:357: I. Marie Scheie, 1936
Item P046:358: Hubert Sauter, 1950
Item P046:359: Helen F. Schumaker, 1940
Photo by Sidney V. Webb, Berkeley.
Item P046:360: Rose Robinson, 1925
In graduation gown.
Item P046:361: Joseph Martin Simmona, 1952
Item P046:362: Xenophon Smith, 1954
Item P046:363: Fay F. Stahl, 1924
Item P046:364: Katherine Collins Thorp, 1940
Item P046:365: Marjorie Ellen Utt Fairchild, August 1939
Item P046:366: Margery Carlota Evans Wertman, 1927
Item P046:367: Gail Hufford Drlicka, 1940
Item P046:368: Ada Blekkink, 1930
Item P046:369: Susan M. Watt, 1941
Item P046:370: Wilda Thompson, circa 1940s
Item P046:371: Hendrine Rozendal Kleinjan, 1936
Item P046:372: Ruth Marie L. Burgh, 1925
Item P046:373: William R. Poole, circa 1950
Item P046:374: Alfred R. Halvorsen, 1948
Item P046:375: James Douglas Hand, 1937
Item P046:376: Elizabeth Wiley, 1938-1942
Associate Professor of Clothing, Taxtiles, and Related Arts
Item P046:377: Marie Hart, after 1959
With husband William B. Collins.
Item P046:378: Lucille Halversen, March 1944
Item P046:379: Jean Alice Huffsmith, 1946
Item P046:380: Tina Feigenson, 1941
Item P046:381: Lelia Mason Easson, 1941
Item P046:382: Ann Mary Creekmore, circa 1963
Item P046:390-P046:391: Miriam Scholl, circa 1960s
Dean of Home Economics
Item P046:392: Laura Drummond, Miriam Scholl, Velma Phillips, circa 1965
Item P046:393: John Edward Dunn and family, 1957
Item P046:394: Vera Brandon, 1958
Dean of Home Economics from 1950 to 1954.
Item P046:395: Edith Rhyne, 1938
Acting Head of Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Department from 1936 to 1939.
Item P046:396-P046:399: Mildred Chamberlain, 1930-1935
Associate Professor of Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts.
Item P046:400: Lucy M. Lewis, 1939
Two portrait photographs.
Extent: print and copy negative

Item P046:401: Emma Lou Bowman, 1943
U.S. Navy photograph.
Item P041:402: College Graduate Council, 1933
Willibald Weniger, George Rebec, Lucile W. Reynolds, Florence Blazier, Vera Brandon, Ernst T. Stuhr, Willis Pierre Duruz, Howard P. Barss, Samuel Graf, Carl W. Salser, George Brain Cox, Philip Martin Brandt, Francois Gilfillan, William E. Mile, Earl George Mason, Riley J. Clinton, WIlliam J. Baker, William H. Dressen, Lewis C. Brutt, Thurman James Starker. Image is available online.
Item P046:403: School of Commerce group, circa 1920
Front row: (left to right) Mercy Jane Gain Whaley, Ruth Norman Pine, Mabel Maginnis, Minnie Koopman, Dean J. A. Bexell, Altha Cooper, Bertha Whillock, Lillian Burns, unknown person. Middle Row: Elinore Sweeney, Minnie Frick, Dr. F. A. Magruder, H. T. Vance, Dr. Hector McPherson, Dr. U. G. Dubach, E. B. Lemon, Dr. N. H. Comish, Dr. W. H. Dreeson, Mrs. P. A. Magruder. Back row: unknown person, John Corcoran, Locke Mardis, Frank L. Robinson, Lee C. Ball, Roy R. Hewitt, James F. Page, and Dr. E. B. Mittelman. Image is available online.
Item P046:404: T.J. Starker, 1979
Extent: color print

Item P046:405: Dr. and Mrs. O.R. Chambers, circa 1950
Speaking at the University of Oregon.
Item P046:406: Floyd B. Wolberg, circa 1945
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Item P046:407: Floyd B. Wolberg, May 1970
Item P046:408: Walter Theodore Johnson
Copy negatives of a portion of the group photo (P046:099).
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P046:409: Tjeerd Hendrik Van Andel, circa 1970
Oceanography faculty, 1968-1976. Image is available online.
Extent: copy negative and print

Item P046:410: Carl L. Anderson, 1944
Physical Education
Item P046:411: Harriet L. Moore, 1940
Extent: color print

Item P046:412-P046:413: Ralph Bogard
Item P046:414: Cleon Vernon Bennett, 1969
Item P046:415: Donald E. Anderson
Item P046:416: Janet Buhl
Science; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:417: Wilbur Tarleton Cooney
School of Agriculture; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:418: William R. Crooks, 1947
Item P046:419: Charles Henry Dailey, September 1946
Health and Physical Education
Item P046:420: Clara Williams Edaburn
Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Department; photo by Hise Studio.
Item P046:421: Russell Eugene Ellis, 1947
Item P046:422: Lloyd Frazier
Mechanical Engineering
Item P046:423: Robert Frank Fuquay
Political Science
Item P046:424: Phyllis Emogene Grant, Dec. 1948
Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Department
Item P046:425: James Willard Groshong, circa 1945
English; photo by Wilson Photo, Corvallis. Image is available online.
Item P046:426: Paul J. Gunn, May 1948
Art Department
Item P046:427: Albert L. Leeland, March 1953
Item P046:428: Faith G. Norris
Item P046:429: James E. Oldfield, April 1948
Item P046:430: Ralph W. Salisbury
Item P046:431: George W. Peavy, Arthur Lee Peck, and A.D. Taylor, 1940
Outdoors on commencement day.
Extent: color slide

Item P046:432: Group of faculty and students with Edward C. Allworth in Memorial Union
Extent: negative

Item P046:433: Esther McGinnish
Home Economics
Item P046:434: Group of 8 men, circa 1930
Including Ed Aldrich and Lowell Stockman.
Item P046:435: Four men at the Food Technology Short Course, circa 1960
Folder 1: Unidentified individuals, circa 1920-1950
Several of the images are formal portraits; others are informal snapshots. One of the photographs shows a woman at a desk; all the other images are of men. One of the images depicts three young men, perhaps Oregon Agricultural College students.
Extent: 6 prints

Box 2
Item P046:046: Faculty and students, including cadets, with Benton Hall in background, 1916
Includes correspondence and related documentation pertaining to the photograph.
Extent: 3 prints, including one oversize

Box 3
Item P046:025: Mrs. Morgan
Extent: nitrate negative

Item P046:026: Ervin E. Barklow
Extent: 1 print, 3 film negatives, and 1 nitrate negative

Item P046:034-P046:036: Miss Murray, circa 1923
Extent: nitrate negatives

Item P046:038: Tutt (portrait)
Extent: nitrate negative

Item P046:102-P046:103: President W.J. Kerr and A.D. Taylor on campus, circa 1925
Extent: nitrate negatives

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