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Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films, 1958-1959

By Finding aid prepared by Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films, 1958-1959

ID: FV 205

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Department of Chemistry

Extent: 24.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The collection consists of two series: I. General Chemistry, 1958-1959 and II. Analytical Chemistry, undated. All of the films have been assigned individual item numbers.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films consist primarily of kinescope films of the General Chemistry course at Oregon State College taught by Wendell Slabaugh via interinstitutional television in 1958-1959.

Scope and Content Notes

The Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films consist primarily of films of the General Chemistry course (Ch 104, 105, 106) taught via interinstitutional television by Wendell Slabaugh during the 1958/59 academic year. The collection also includes three films of the Analytical Chemistry course taught by Harry Freund at about the same time.

The films are 16 mm b/w sound kinescope films (motion picture films made from an image on a picture tube). Each of the films is about 45 minutes long.

Biographical / Historical Notes

In the spring of 1957, the first television course at Oregon State College, Chemistry 203, was broadcast via closed-circuit TV from a studio in Shepard Hall to lecture rooms in Dearborn Hall. During the 1957/58 and 1958/59 academic years, General Chemistry (Ch 104, 105, and 106) was broadcast via KOAC-TV from a studio in Gill Coliseum and received simultaneously by students at Oregon State College, the University of Oregon, Oregon College of Education, and Willamette University. These courses were part of an 8-year interinstitutional television project supported by the Fund for Advancement of Education of the Ford Foundation.

Kinescope films of the lectures (2 per week) and weekly laboratory experiment demonstrations were made during the 1958/59 year and used to teach a special chemistry course during the 1959/60 academic year and were broadcast over KOAC-TV as late as 1963.

Although instruction by television had begun as early as 1952 at Iowa State College, Oregon State College was one of the first institutions to offer a chemistry course by television and to broadcast a course to students at several institutions simultaneously.

Wendell Slabaugh, an innovative and enthusiastic teacher, was at Oregon State University from 1953 until his sudden death in 1980. He was a pioneer in many audio-visual as well as other teaching techniques and lecture demonstrations. In 1973, the Manufacturing Chemists Association recognized Slabaugh with their Award for Excellence in teaching chemistry.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 113 films; 113 film cans

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The films were transferred from the Chemistry Department in 1993.

Related Materials: The OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center holdings include the Alumni Association Motion Picture Films and Videotapes (FV 017) which contain a black-and-white film of the first closed-circuit television class in 1957 (FV017:014). The Media Services Moving Images (FV 119) include a color film of one of the lectures from the 1957/58 academic year (FV119:001) and films of another television course, General Hygiene, (FV119:002-037). The Chemistry Department Records (RG 098) include correspondence, proposals, and reports pertaining to the television courses (reel 3, folders 1-4). The Gwil Evans Photographic Collection (P 082) includes photographs of broadcasts and of the film collection.

Preferred Citation: Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films (FV 205), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Oregon State University. Department of Chemistry
Freund, Harry (1917-)
KOAC (Television station : Corvallis, Or.)
McGrath, William Frederick
Slabaugh, Wendell H.

People, Places, and Topics

Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)--Oregon.
History of Science
Oregon State College. Department of Chemistry
Television in higher education--Oregon.
University History

Forms of Material

Motion pictures (visual works)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: General Chemistry, 1958-1959, undated
W.H. Slabaugh, Instructor; W.F. McGrath, Producer
Arrangement: The films are organized by academic quarter; thereunder into lectures, experiments, and discussion; and chronologically within those subseries. The length (given as min:sec) is provided below for each film.

Extent: 16 mm b/w sound kinescope films

Sub-Series 1: Fall Quarter Lectures, 1958
Item FV205:001: Science of Chemistry, 2 October 1958
Extent: 45:32

Item FV205:002: Science of Chemistry II, 3 October 1958
Extent: 45:50

Item FV205:003: Structure of Matter, 9 October 1958
Extent: 45:27

Item FV205:004: Structure of Matter II, 10 October 1958
Extent: 45:02

Item FV205:005: Electrons and Atoms, 16 October 1958
Extent: 45:07

Item FV205:006: Elements and Compounds, 17 October 1958
Extent: 43:56

Item FV205:007: Formulas and Equations, 23 October 1958
Extent: 44:28

Item FV205:008: Periodic Law, 24 October 1958
Extent: 44:13

Item FV205:009: Atomic Structure, 30 October 1958
Extent: 44:14

Item FV205:010: Hydrogen and Oxygen, 31 October 1958
Extent: 44:11

Item FV205:011: Hydrogen and Oxygen Compounds, 6 November 1958
Extent: 45:25

Item FV205:012: Carbon, 7 November 1958
Extent: 44:56

Item FV205:013: Chemical Problems I, 13 November 1958
Extent: 43:32

Item FV205:014: Chemical Problems II, 14 November 1958
Extent: 44:59

Item FV205:015: Gases I, 20 Nov. 1958
Extent: 43:52

Item FV205:016: Gases II, 21 November 1958
Extent: 43:58

Item FV205:017: Gases III, 24 November 1958
Extent: 44:30

Item FV205:018: Perspectives I, 25 November 1958
Extent: 44:38

Item FV205:019: Ions I, 4 December 1958
Extent: 43:52

Item FV205:020: Ions II, 5 December 1958
Extent: 43:33

Item FV205:021: Covalence I, 11 December 1958
Extent: 43:55

Item FV205:022: Covalence II, 12 December 1958
Extent: 43:39

Sub-Series 2: Fall Quarter Experiments, 1958
Item FV205:023: Apparatus and Methods, 29 September 1958
Extent: 45:47

Item FV205:024: Chemical Procedures, 6 October 1958
Extent: 46:24

Item FV205:025: X-Ray Diffraction, 13 October 1958
Extent: 43:56

Item FV205:026: Size of Molecule, 20 October 1958
Extent: 44:33

Item FV205:027: Analysis of Hydrate, 27 October 1958
Item FV205:028: Hydrogen and Oxygen, 3 November 1958
Extent: 44:27

Item FV205:029: Carbon, 10 November 1958
Extent: 44:28

Item FV205:030: Gas Laws, 1 December 1958
Extent: 43:37

Item FV205:031: Electrolysis, 8 December 1958
Extent: 43:26

Sub-Series 3: Winter Quarter Lectures, 1959
Item FV205:032: Introductory Lecture, 7 January 1959
Extent: 38:53

Item FV205:033: Redox I, 8 January 1959
Extent: 44:42

Item FV205:034: Redox II, 9 January 1959
Extent: 45:09

Item FV205:035: Halogens I, 15 January 1959
Extent: 43:35

Item FV205:036: Halogens II, 16 January 1959
Extent: 42:56

Item FV205:037: Sulfur, 22 January 1959
Extent: 44:50

Item FV205:038: Phosphorus et al., 29 January 1959
Extent: 42:56

Item FV205:039: Water I, 30 January 1959
Extent: 44:37

Item FV205:040: Water II, 5 February 1959
Extent: 44:54

Item FV205:041: Solutions I, 6 February 1959
Extent: 44:48

Item FV205:042: Solutions II, 12 February 1959
Item FV205:043: Equilibrium, 13 February 1959
Extent: 44:11

Item FV205:044: Reaction Rates II, 19 February 1959
Extent: 43:50

Item FV205:045: Acids and Bases I, 20 February 1959
Extent: 44:11

Item FV205:046: Acids and Bases II, 26 February 1959
Extent: 44:15

Item FV205:047: Solubility Product, 27 February 1959
Extent: 43:44

Item FV205:048: Complex Ions, 5 March 1959
Extent: 44:09

Item FV205:049: (no title), 6 March 1959
Extent: 44:24

Item FV205:050: Chemical Energy II, 12 March
Extent: 45:00

Item FV205:051: Review, 13 March
Extent: 45:22

Sub-Series 4: Winter Quarter Experiments, 1959
Item FV205:052: Electromotive Force, 12 January 1959
Extent: 42:33

Item FV205:053: Properties of Halogens, 19 January 1959
Extent: 44:04

Item FV205:054: Sulfur, 26 January 1959
Extent: 43:49

Item FV205:055: Surface Tension;, 2 February1959
Extent: 44:15

Item FV205:056: Water Softening, 9 February 1959
Extent: 44:15

Item FV205:057: Reaction Rate, 16 February 1959
Extent: 44:26

Item FV205:058: Titration, 23 February 1959
Extent: 44:14

Item FV205:059: pH Numbers, 2 March 1959
Extent: 44:10

Item FV205:060: Complexes, 9 March 1959
Extent: 44:43

Sub-Series 5: Spring Quarter Lectures, 1959
Item FV205:061: Introduction, 1 April 1959
Extent: 44:18

Item FV205:062: Metals and Alloys, 2 April 1959
Extent: 45:12

Item FV205:063: Metals and Geochemistry, 3 April 1959
Extent: 44:03

Item FV205:064: Alkaline Earths, 9 April 1959
Extent: 44:07

Item FV205:065: Iron I, 10 April 1959
Extent: 44:37

Item FV205:066: Iron II, 16 April 1959
Extent: 44:40

Item FV205:067: Aluminum and Boron, 17 April 1959
Extent: 44:44

Item FV205:068: Silicon, 23 April 1959
Extent: 43:32

Item FV205:069: Copper and Zinc, 24 April 1959
Extent: 44:29

Item FV205:070: Silver, Gold, and Mercury, 30 April 1959
Extent: 44:55

Item FV205:071: Tin and Lead, 1 May 1959
Extent: 42:19

Item FV205:072: Corrosion, 7 May 1959
Extent: 44:59

Item FV205:073: Perspectives II, 8 May 1959
Extent: 44:08

Item FV205:074: Organic Chemistry I, 14 May 1959
Extent: 43:35

Item FV205:075: Organic Chemistry II, 15 May 1959
Extent: 44:11

Item FV205:076: Organic Chemistry II, 21 May 1959
Extent: 43:05

Item FV205:077: Biochemistry and Plastics, 22 May 1959
Extent: 43:05

Item FV205:078: Biochemistry II, 28 May 1959
Extent: 43:36

Item FV205:079: Nuclear Chemistry I, 29 May 1959
Extent: 43:09

Item FV205:080: Nuclear Chemistry II, 4 June 1959
Extent: 44:10

Item FV205:081: Perspectives III, 5 June 1959
Extent: 44:32

Sub-Series 6: Spring Quarter Experiments, 1959
Item FV205:082: Phase Study, 6 April 1959
Extent: 49:01

Item FV205:083: Iron Analysis, 13 April 1959
Extent: 44:30

Item FV205:084: Glass Blowing, 20 April 1959
Extent: 43:22

Item FV205:085: Cation Analysis I, 27 April 1959
Extent: 43:04

Item FV205:086: Cation Analysis II, 4 May 1959
Extent: 42:43

Item FV205:087: Corrosion, 11 May 1959
Extent: 43:28

Item FV205:088: Synthesis, 18 May 1959
Extent: 44:15

Item FV205:089: Vitamins and Chromatography, 25 May 1959
Extent: 43:37

Item FV205:090: Gas Chromatography, 1 June 1959
Extent: 42:43

Sub-Series 7: Spring Quarter Discussion, 1959
Item FV205:091: Metallurgy, Dr. Caldwell, 8 April 1959
Extent: 44:23

Sub-Series 8: Quarter Not Identified, undated
Item FV205:092: Experiment - Molecular Weight, Renault
Item FV205:093: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Extent: 18 reels

Item FV205:094: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:095: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:096: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:097: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:098: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:099: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:100: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:101: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:102: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:103: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:104: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:105: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:106: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:107: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:108: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:109: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Item FV205:110: Unidentified lectures and/or experiments
Series 2: Analytical Chemistry, undated
Harry Freund, Instructor
Extent: 16 mm b/w sound kinescope films

Item FV205:111: Gravimetric Precipitation
Item FV205:112: Co-Precipitation
Item FV205:113: Acid-Base Equib. in Water

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