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Acknowledges receipt of bulletins; encloses activities list demonstrating actions of their organization

Requests 25 copies of article about bombing of Hiroshima for distribution to parishoners; requests name be placed on mailing list

Inquires about contribution and request for 100 copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"

Acknowledges receipt of pamphlets; discusses interest in subject on campus including recent lectures, and newspaper publicity

Requests copies of "Statement of Purpose of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists" and "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"

Discusses recent lecture by Dr. Posin; requests literature and information about the atomic bomb and how it works

Requests any materials related to the atomic bomb

Requests subscription to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Requests copy of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"

Requests information on obtaining copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"