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Donation; regrets not being able to meet Einstein at Princeton years ago and expresses appreciation for his work on the Jewish cause

Donation and request for 100 copies of article (offers payment)

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Regrets not being able to donate, but has forwarded letter and articles on to a friend. Requests additional literature; provides list of names/addresses along with postage stamps

Donation; feels that campaign has not gone far enough - suggests that these scientists' intellectual development has superceded their spiritual development and that they should become Christians

Donation, with wish to make it ten times the amount

Expresses sadness over Hersey article and thanks ECAS for doing what it can to save man from his own folly; has been circulating the article to friends

Offers support and hopes that financial goals are met

Donation with regret at not sending more and request for literature

Donation but not convinced of the usefulness of campaign

Supports ECAS; not in a position to help financially but provides names of two friends