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As a Marxian socialist, requests literature to better understand views and aims of ECAS and is encouraged that scientists are accepting a sense of responsibility; suggests contacting writers, artists, and the like

Suggests ways to educate people without seeking contributions, including soliciting free help from printers, paper companies, and writers; also recommends asking for subscription lists to magazines and offers her services as a writer

A visual description of the power of the atomic bomb, issued in the month after Hiroshima in the article "Annihilation Bomb: Friend or Foe?"

An account of the possibilities of atomic energy, published for schoolchildren several months after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A special bulletin of this serial for naval personnel involved in the Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll, the first nuclear weapons test since the end of the war. This magazine covered the test protocol, explanation of the type of bomb to be…

An early atomic war survival booklet for citizens.

Minutes from a meeting of the Pacific Regional Council of the Associated Scientists for Atomic Education, proposing coordination of efforts between several groups including the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists

Telegram sent to newsmen and others regarding a press conference on the world situation after the breakdown of atomic energy control negotiations.