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Miss Mary Brown, state supervisor for camp work with Home Missions Council of North America, reads to children at migrant camp.

A migratory fruit picker high on a ladder is picking Comice pears at the Illihee Orchards near Medford, Oregon.

The handling of a big crop of beans in the cannery was helped by the organization of a business and professional men's short shift that worked from 7-11 p.m. County school superintendent L. C. Moffitt is shown here trucking bean crates.

P.M. Osborne, section boss from Salem, watching two weighers helt the hops belonging to Myrna Hedrick, 14, Dequeen, Arkansas

"Dickie Nash (left), 14, from Cromwell, Oklahoma, picking beans on the John Grenz place near Jefferson in Linn County.

John Grenz, Jr. is with him. Dickie batches and lives in a tent on the place. Picked 204 pounds in one day."

Frank Ernst (second left) and his wife (fourth left), with their family working on the Horst Hop Ranch near Independence. He is a carpenter; she is a nurse; they are vacationing. Kids are Johnny (left), 11; Alice Marie (light shirt), 16; Mary Ann…

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Worley from Longview, Washington picking hops at the Mitoma Hop Yard near Independence. He is a Texan; she is a Minnesotan. He was a Marine Private during the war and saw service at Bremerton, Washington. Now, he is a second…

The three men dumping tipped beans in the machine here are Harold Moell, National Bisquit Company, C.J. Simmons, Pacific Motor Trucking Official and D.W. Clemets, lumber grader.

The two men on the bean tippers are H.H. Hughes, SP locomotive engineer, and and Walter Sorenson, sawyer in the Springfield Plywood mill.

Mr. and Mrs. William Rick, Baker, picking at the Mitoma hopyard near independence. They are Old timers and have been picking each season for 30 years. He is 77; she, 72; $12 per day.