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Thanks for the letter and the statement by Einstein; Says the progress in setting up a Southern California sponsors committee; asks ECAS to send him the texts of speeches or publicity releases as soon as they are available

Says that he is preparing a series of broadcasts for Warner Brothers Station K.F.W.B. to assist in raising money for the educational fund of ECAS; asks for a statement with information on the reason for the educational campaign and an appeal to theā€¦

Donation with list of names; asks if ECAS intends to have committees of laymen to arrange public meetings (would like to participate)

Donation with suggestion that ECAS emphasize the dangers to the U.S. of radioactive gases by air-drift should we bomb a foreign country

Reprint of article printed in the Los Angeles Daily News entitled "Prosecution in Club Raid Underway"; criminal complaints were filed against 15 legionnaries

Reprint of article printed in the Los Angeles Daily News entitled "Democrats ask Prosecution of Legionnaire Raiders"

Reprint of editorial printed in the Los Angeles Daily News; talks about democracy being threatened

Article containing information on wire-tapping laws; states there is agitation of over the invasion of the privacy of citizens

Opinion piece on the state of the American government and its wrongdoings