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Expresses concern from 26 letter signers regarding implications of Urey's suggestion to start a war to "prevent other nations from developing and using atomic weapons"

Expresses support; offers to type letters for ECAS

Thanks for sending the 200 copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"; explains Linus Pauling's opinion on how to set up a committee in southern California; expresses some disappointments that the broadcasts have not raised much money

Expresses deep sorrow for Mrs. Eileen Fry's sudden death; tells that she just recovered from a serious illness; tells the signing of the statement prepared by Kirby Page and her

Asks if ECAS endeavors are tax exempt

Donation with list of names; asks if ECAS intends to have committees of laymen to arrange public meetings (would like to participate)

Donation with suggestion that ECAS emphasize the dangers to the U.S. of radioactive gases by air-drift should we bomb a foreign country

Requests copy of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"