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Donation and support with wish to send a million, if able

Requests "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"

Donation with request for literature; he was striken with paralysis in 1925 and claims that uranium dust placed on his spine cured his convulsions and caused his hair to grow back

Has not yet received acknowledgement of his request for literature; hopes to hear from ECAS soon

Donation with request for literature; retells story of uranium curing his convulsions

Letter to the editor of the Daily News; references an article she say in the "Daily News"; expresses that ECAS may get more donations if the readers of the publication knew where to send the money to

Donation; worries that certain governments will not cooperate and asks if we should be prepared for such an emergency

Opinion piece on the state of the American government and its wrongdoings

Donation; encloses J. E. Brown's poem "Edge of Doom" and a clipping from the "Christian Science Monitor"