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Encloses Christmas gifts of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists; expresses passion about Americans being educated about atomic warfare; says to give a hug to Einstein for her

Expresses concern against violence and intrusion into civil rights; encloses several news articles of interest; argues that no political or religious affiliation should get in the way of peace on earth; offers insight into her past that shape her…

Asks if ECAS recieved the mail from June 14th, as she sent it Fourth Class instead of First Class

Encloses telegrams and letteres of interest; requests literature; gives opinions on the Governor of California

States she will not support the campaign for William O. Douglas to become President; claims they have insulted her intelligence and intergrity as she is devoted to Henry Wallace

Letter to Representatives Mundt and Nixon; shares her opinions about amending the Mundt-Nixon Bill

Encloses article from "The Tidings"; shares opinions on religion and politics

Letter to Federal Government officials; states that Bill HR 5852 takes away the constitutional rights of the people

Letter to Federal Government officials; states the the Americans should get involved and stop the atrocities in Greece

Commends the scientists for taking a stand; donation