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Encloses articles that may be of interest to Einstein; states that no reply is necessary

Commends the scientists for taking a stand; donation

Letter to Federal Government officials; states the the Americans should get involved and stop the atrocities in Greece

Letter to Federal Government officials; states that Bill HR 5852 takes away the constitutional rights of the people

Encloses article from "The Tidings"; shares opinions on religion and politics

Letter to Representatives Mundt and Nixon; shares her opinions about amending the Mundt-Nixon Bill

States she will not support the campaign for William O. Douglas to become President; claims they have insulted her intelligence and intergrity as she is devoted to Henry Wallace

Encloses telegrams and letteres of interest; requests literature; gives opinions on the Governor of California

Asks if ECAS recieved the mail from June 14th, as she sent it Fourth Class instead of First Class