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Tells that the leaflets arrived in due time and are handed out to his friends

Makes donation; provides remarks on Einstein's letter, pointing out that 1) it is better to "form a partial union or federation of the more democratic nations, designed for the prevention of any type of world aggression" and that 2) the fifth column…

Requests 40 copies of pamphlet, "Only Then Shall We Find Courage" for use in social studies classes

Requests copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"; inquires if all or parts of article can be distributed to all public schools

Donation with list of names; asks if ECAS intends to have committees of laymen to arrange public meetings (would like to participate)

Thanks for the literature

Donation with offer to deliver pamphlets to the local high school and library

Donation with suggestion that ECAS emphasize the dangers to the U.S. of radioactive gases by air-drift should we bomb a foreign country

Donation with regret at its size; request for literature and to be put on mailing list so that he may contribute in the form of ideas