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Requests assistance with locating source of a quote he believes came from Einstein; shares he is working on a book of a related nature

Donation and request for donation blanks/envelopes

Donation, apology for delayed response; request for printed copy of "Operation Crossroads" if possible

Donation; has just returned from prosecuting war criminals in Nuremberg, Germany, and wants to help in any way possible

Regrets he cannot contribute due to financial limitations; expresses commitment to sharing appeal with friends

Requests 50-100 copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage"

Donation; wants to know what ECAS proposes to do and asks if they can "make Christians out of Tartars"

Donation with regret at not sending more; offers his personal services and recoginzes the immediacy and necessity of the problem

Requests literature as background material for an address on world peace that he is giving