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A crew of neighborhood women are wigwaming fibre flax at the Benton County flax Growers Cooperative near Monroe, Oregon.

Transported Mexican National sugar beet worker.

The filbert pickers are coeds from Benton County, Oregon.

Cherries were so much in demand this year that even the Black Republican variety of small, black cherries were picked clean by the Mexicans and sold for a good price.

Miss Mary Brown, state supervisor for camp work with Home Missions Council of North America, reads to children at migrant camp.

Employees and officers of the Ladd and Bush Bank of Salem, Oregon, are shown out in the bean field the day the bank closed up to help in the community bean picking campaign.

A line of Braceros workers waiting outside the dining tents for supper. Service is quick enough to prevent long waiting in line.

POWs blocking sugar beets in Malheur County.

In the cook tents, the crew has been busy preparing the evening meal, the largest of the day.